Note: Lowndes is pronounced "lounds"

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The Family that Broke a Nation
Last Will and Testament
Montgomery Alabama Scenes
A Phrenological Study of William Lowndes Yancey 
Benjamin Cudworth Yancey Sr. (father)
Caroline Bird Yancey (mother)

Nathan S. S. Beman (Stepfather) 

Benjamin Cudworth Yancey Jr. (brother)
Benjamin Cunningham Yancey (son)
Dalton Huger Yancey (son)
Goodloe Harper Yancey (son)

Mary E. Yancey Harrell (daughter)
Presentation of George Washington Spy Glasses to William Lowndes Yancey
William Lowndes Yancey and his slaves 

Letter which makes reference to Sarah Caroline Yancey's blindness in one eye. 
"More Charles Yanceys Sorted Out" 

Black Yanceys of Montgomery, Alabama

Yancey/Clingman Duel

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Life and Times of William Lowndes Yancey
The Fire Eaters - By Eric Walther
William Lowndes Yancey and the Coming of the Civil War by Eric Walther
Sketches of Alabama History
Our Family Keepers - - By Rose Morton 
1862 New York Times article
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