Various Photos of William Lowndes Yancey
Many of  which up, until now were, never widely available to members of the Yancey family
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Sketch & Signature

One of the most common portraits of William Yancey

Photo from which most sketches are taken

Middle Aged Yancey


Another Portrait


William Lowndes Yancey- rare bearded portrait

William Lowndes Yancey (1814-1863), originally a Unionist, later became an outspoken secessionist. He edited newspapers


Full Body Portrait

William Lowndes Yancey - European Commissioner from the CSA





Where William Yancey's Law Office was located

William's Father Benjamin Cudworth Yancey

Another Portrait of his Father

Portrait of his Mother - Caroline Bird Yancey

Son -  Benjamin Cunningham Yancey

Son -  Benjamin Cunningham Yancey & Son in Law - John Harrell
There is some question as to which is which.


Son  - Dalton Huger Yancey

Son - Goodloe Harper Yancey

Grandsons - Goodloe H Yancey & Benjamin Earle Yancey - founders of "Yancey Brothers"



William Lowndes Yancey State Junior College - a short lived name