DATED: 1861
PROVED: 1863

Last Will and Testament of WM L. YANCEY
State of Alabama
Montgomery County

In the name of God, I WILLIAM LOWNDES YANCEY of the city of Montgomery in the state of Alabama being in good health and sound mind do ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament.

Item first - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife all my real personal estate of every description and such as is hereinafter specifically disposed of and subject to such [___?] provisions and conditions as are herein named - to have and to hold for her sole and separate use and during her natural life

Item second - After my debts shall be paid I will that there should be paid out of monies arising from collections of what shall be due my estate and out of the proceeds of the crops made on my plantation the sum of five thousand dollars to my eldest son BENJAMIN C. YANCEY and in the event there should not be money enough from this source then he shall have my shares in the Montgomery Insurance Co. and the balance of this sum of five thousand dollars shall be paid to him in four annual payments out of the proceeds of the crops made on my plantation or in property as my wife may determine or desire.

Item third - I will and bequeath to my daughter MARY ELIZABETH HARRELL wife of JOHN L. HARRELL my negro girl Henrietta in place of a negro woman Mina [Nina?] whom I bought for her but who proved [turbulent?] and whom I now own - and that the sum of four thousand dollars shall be expended in shares or real estate as my daughter may desire - the [___?] to be put in some name in trust for her and all to be for her sole and separate use.

Item fourth - I give and bequeath to my grandson YANCEY HARRELL - Sally, child of Judy.

Item Fifth - I give and bequeath to my son WILLIAM EARLE YANCEY my gold watch and chain presented to my by the [De_____?] of the city of Montgomery.

Item Sixth - I give and bequeath unto JEFFERSON DAVIS, President of the Confederate States of America as an evidence of my esteem for his wisdom and virtue as a statesman the field glass of George Washington presented to me by the Ladies Mt Vernon Association.

Item Seventh - I give my wife full power to sell and convey any of my real estate, on condition that the proceeds shall be reinvested in real estate - and full power to sell personal property on condition that the proceeds shall be reinvested in such manner as to pay an annual interest.

Item eighth - I wish some appropriate memento of my love shall be given to my brother BEN C. YANCEY and to my half brother SAMUEL S. BEMAN and to my son-in-law JOHN HARRELL and to each of my children.

Item ninth - I will and bequeath the money I have at interest in [Minnesota?] in management of SAMUEL S. BEMAN - and the money he owes me for which he once executed to me a mortgage to my half-brother the said SAMUEL S. BEMAN.

Item tenth - at the death of my wife I will that all of said property bequeathed to her for life shall be equally divided between all of my children, share and share alike, my son BEN. C. YANCEY and my daughter MARY E. HARRELL, being each charged with the special bequest five thousand dollars each - and should any of my children be then dead having children - then the children to take the share their parents would have taken if alive, and if any such of my children be then dead leaving a widow having no separate estate I give to her one third of what her husband would have taken if alive.

Item eleventh - I make it a charge upon the estate I have bequeathed to my wife for life - that my sons WILLIAM EARLE YANCEY AND DALTON HUGER YANCEY AND GOODLOE HARPER YANCEY shall receive a good education and support and five thousand dollars each in cash or property as may be most for the interest of my estate - when each becomes of age if their mother is then living - said sum to be charged to each on the final division.

I constitute my wife SARAH E. YANCEY the executrix of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of February 1861.