"Our Family Keepers"

Most of you are familiar with
William Lowndes Yancey,
secessionist and "fire eater" of the Confederacy.
Probably by far the most famous member of the Yancey family of America.

 Research recently published by Mrs. Rose Ellen Morton provides some interesting tidbits
of information many may not be aware of  concerning this member of the Yancey Family.

Some interesting information from her research

 These are just a few interesting tidbits of information that Rose has included in her research concerning the Yancey family stories.

   BUT these are just tidbits that pale to insignificance to the importance of a much greater and important story.  A story that has been waiting to be told for over 150 years . . . .  the story of those who across many generations lived the life of plantation slaves - from the plantations of Arthur Middleton, then being sold to the family of George Washington Earle and finally being inherited by William Lowndes Yancey via his marriage to Sarah Caroline Earle.  It is the story of Cesar & Judy Agrippa and Mary, Ninner, Ella and their children and extended families and many others who worked as household or field slaves on the Yancey Estate - who as individuals and as a group lived a life that few today could even begin to comprehend. Then finally after decades and generations of slavery, bondage, death, violence, abuse - they finally saw the light of freedom as Abraham Lincoln declared the slaves free - within six months, Master William Lowndes Yancey himself had died.  Many have recorded the genealogy and history of the  branches of the white plantation owner's extended Yancey family.  But few, if any, until now have documented and shared the story of those who intimately knew the family - as they worked and slaved in the fields and in the house on the Yancey Plantations.

The interesting truth of the matter . . . through her research Rose has come to know the history of the William Lowndes Yancey family
at least in some ways - better then the vast majority of William Yancey's own white descendants. 

The history is just as much HER story as it is theirs  - the story of William Lowndes Yancey's family is HER family story too . . . 

For information about obtaining a copy of Rose Morton's book  "OUR FAMILY KEEPERS" - published in 2005.
Please feel free to contact her at :   historysearchers  @  yahoo.com

or download her book from Amazon  / KIndle 
(you do not have to have a kindle reader - you can download Kindle for the PC for FREE)

She is most interested in sharing her book and her stories with others of the Yancey family - both Black and White.
  Any who wish to better understand the story of life during the years of slavery in the Southern United States would benefit much from reading this book.


A favorite quote of Rose:
"A people which takes no pride in the noble achievement's of remote ancestry, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants....


Rose's Mother and her sister

Rose Morton (right) and her daughter

a newspaper article about  William Lowndes Yancey below