Yanceys of
Louisa County in Virginia
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[Dennis J Yancey - September, 2014] 

I recently was made aware of the death of a Yancey whose ashes were scattered across his native Louisa County, Virginia. It started me thinking and linking many facts and stories together.  You see Yanceys originally started living in the Louisa County Virginia area no less than nearly 300 years ago.   The very first documented Yanceys of America lived in and around Louisa County. The history of Louisa County is the history of the Yancey family and vice versa. 

Of interest is the fact that the history involved is just as much of interest to African American Yanceys as it is white.  You  see the Yancey I mentioned who recently passed on - was African American. Ironically there have been almost no white Yanceys in Louisa County for nearly 200 years -  after about 1810  most white Yanceys had either moved out of the region or had descendants by other surnames due to female descendants. 

On the 1870 census - the first census taken after the Civil War and Emancipation - for the first time there were numerous black Yanceys recorded on the census schedules - and only one single white male Yancey. Research would seem to lead to the probability that these black Yanceys were descendants of slaves once owned by the early white Yanceys of the county. The families of these Yanceys of color - were quite prolific - and descendants can now be found in scattered across states of Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and more. Another recent passing of a Yancey of this origin was one Toni Yancey - of California seemingly "taken before her time" - just when she was making such a difference in the world. 

Many of these Yanceys trace back to African American communities in the area such as in Gum Springs, Mineral, Cuckoo and other communities.  Some of these communities are very historic and key in Virginia African American history.

Here in follow some photos and links and sites of interest to Yanceys both white and black - our native "Louisa County"  - the mother homeland of a large base of Yanceys - across the racial spectrum.

You may even be surprised to find out that the Father and Son George Bush are descended from Louisa County Yanceys.


Some Links of  probable interest to those who have connections with Yanceys of Louisa County.

Yanceys of Louisa County

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Links/Organizations related to Louisa County


Images from Louisa County

African American related sites


Branches of the family originating in Louisa County - in the Yancey Family Genealogical Database


FamilySearch records for Louisa County

Findagrave entries for Louisa County.

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Few if any grave markers exist for 18th century Yanceys - - Louisa county was an rural interior county where it seems few had access to material to make more permanent grave markers. Many Yanceys were probably buried on family property with a simple grave with probably a wooden or rock marker - that since no longer exists.


An organization of possible interest:
Coming to the Table

Coming to the Table provides leadership, resources and a supportive environment for all who wish to acknowledge and heal wounds from racism that is rooted in the United States’ history of slavery.




 Photo Section

Major Charles Yancey of Buckingham County
whose father was the Reverend Robert Yancey of Louisa County about 1774.



Robert Leighton Yancey who together with his father
 and brother established what became as Yanceyville.



The Yancey Mill near Yanceyville 




Tattered portion of the first Yancey will on record - Robert Yancey in 1745 in Louisa County Court records



Home Site of Captain Charles Yancey of Louisa County
see other home sites:



Children of Edward S & Minnie Yancey
    Left to right Clarence Russell, Helen Marie, Edward S. Jr, Ruth Ellen, William Stanley, Mary Elizabeth, Paul and James Yancey  
Family whose Yancey ancestors came from Louisa County

A grave site in Louisa County


An African American Yancey Family of Louisa County


Jefferson D Yancey & wife - whose parents were slaves in Louisa County


Toni Yancey (1957-2013) whose father came from Louisa County, VA
She made a difference in the world


President George H W Bush
among whose ancestors were Yanceys of Louisa County.