Various African American Yanceys
that have ancestral roots that trace
back to Louisa County, Virginia
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Arthur Purcell Yancey
Findagrave Memorial for Arthur P Yancey Family


another photo of Arthur P. Yancey

Beatrice S. Yancey
wife of Arthur P Yancey

Beatrice & Arthur Yancey

Beatrice Yancey

Will is the son of Clarence Edward Yancey and Susan Clark Yancey Mitchell

Arthur Purcell and Edward Solomon are his brothers.


Children of Edward S & Minnie Yancey
    Left to right Clarence Russell, Helen Marie, Edward S. Jr, Ruth Ellen, William Stanley, Mary Elizabeth, Paul and James Yancey   
Findagrave Memorial for Edward S Yancey Sr. & Family



Edward S.  & Minnie Smith Yancey


and their children:

mary e


Clarence Yancey








Edward S. Yancey Jr

Stan Yancey





Notes concerning the Bible

Jefferson Davis & Rebecca Yancey
ancestors of the deceased Toni Yancey

James Early Yancey

Toni Yancey
Toni Yancey

Yancey Brothers of Delaware
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Children of Frederick M & Esther Yancey of Louisa County, Virginia
1) Clara Yancey (abt 1877)
2) Fannie Yancey (abt 1880)
3) Fredricka Yancey (abt 1882)
4) Nannie Yancey (abt 1886)
5) Thorton Yancey (abt 1888)
6) Matthew Yancey (1889)
7) Susan Yancey (abt 1891)
8) Maria Yancey (abt 1893)
9) Anna Yancey (abt 1896)
10) Charles Yancey (1898)
11) Elizabeth Yancey (1900)


FANNIE YANCEY was born in Louisa County, Virginia in 1880 and was the second oldest daughter. At the age of 20 she left home to become a live-in domestic worker for a number of families periodically in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until her marriage to Arthur Deputy of Millford, Delaware. They produced one child, Adeline Deputy. The marriage was terminated after several years and she returned to a career as a live-in domestic worker in the home of the Snellenburgs,an outstanding retailer of the Snellenburg Departmentsstore of center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her career came to an end in 1963 due to health issues, after serving the Snellenburg family for over thirty years. She was a faithful member of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa. for many years and provided financial support to her grandchildren and daughter whenever called upon and was a key early contributor to her grand- son's college attendance. She spent her final years living alternating periods with her sisters, NANNIE and FREDRICKA grand children, and daughter


Fredricka was the third oldest child born of the Louisa County, Virginia Yancey family.
They resided at 1823 w. Master Street in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They had
four children: Niccolas, Reginald Arthur, Lewis, and Mildred. They also adopted another
child named Donald when he was ___.Niccolas and Lewis had no children, nor did Donald.
Reginald Arthur had six children: Regina Annette, Niccolas Fredricka, Reginald Arthur Jr.,
Julius, Martha Elaine, and Elma Marshaletta. Mildred had four children: Francis, Chico,
Frederico, and Fernando.


MATTHEW YANCEY was born in 1887 in Louisa County, Virginia. He was the first boy born and the fifth oldest. He moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[Sandra Yancy-Smith:] Matthew Yancy, Sr.  was married three times, I did not know his first wife or whether they had any children from that marriage. He and my grandmother had seven children; however the last infant was a girl, she and my grandmother died shortly after the baby's birth. When my grandfather left Virginia, he and his family relocated in Edwight West Virginia. My grandfather and all of his son accept the youngest son Charles worked in the coal mines. I still remember some of the stories he told about his hero John L. Lewis, who was the head of the coal miners union. My grandfather worked in the coal mines until he was severely electrocuted while working in a coal mine. He survived after being in a comatose state for 2 weeks. I can remember the large scar on the top of head, he was left with stuttering speech and one side of his body was weak so he required a cane when he walked. From what I can estimate they left Louisa Virginia around 1930, lived in Edwight, West Virginia  until about 1950 when he and his third wife Annie Johnson Yancy moved to Philadelphia, PA. He and Grandma Annie J had no children together; however she had one son named Jackson from a previous marriage that lived in Ohio. Grandma Annie J was originally from Roanoke, VA. They lived in a home on 18th and Master on the same block as his sisters Annie, Fannie, Fredricka and Nannie. His brother Thornton lived on 18th and Lambert Sts., sister Anna lived on 18th and I believe Kernshaw and sister Mariah (Marie) lived on 18th and Ingersoll.

My grandfather died at home among his family. After his death, his widow Grandma Annie J. went to live with my Uncle Clarence and his with wife in Brownsville, NY until her death.


Thorton YANCEY was born in Louisa County, Virginia in 1888 and was the sixth of
ten children born and the second of three boys.  He eventually followed his siblings to
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Maria was the eighth born Yancey child (one of seven girls) and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Anna was the next to last child born out of the ten Yancey children , the last of the girls making
her the youngest of the seven girls. She was born in 1896 in Louisa County, Virginia. *According
to the U.S. of 1900 she was four years old at that time. She eventually moved to and settled in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nannie Yancey
[Jean Monte:]  Nannie was married several times. She had two children a son Raft and a daughter Pantheia they both died her son as a
infant,her daughter as a young toddler. She was loved and respected in the neighborhood..She had two long
time roomers Mr.Spam and Mr.Perry. She was an advate fan of boxing. She loved to put an egg in her oatmeal.
Her favorite dessert was pound cake with peaches. She also like to garden. She maintained herself and house hold until her death.

Some of the children of Frederick M. Yancey
Anna, Charles, Matt, Nannie
Charles Thomas (son of Anna) 

Thornton, Charles, Pre (Thornton's wife),  Matt
Marie, Fannie, Annie Jay (Matt's wife),  Nannie


Scenes from Gum Springs, Virginia



Lottie Yancy (1880-1967)
daughter of Patrick Yancey

Thomas M. Yancey (1926-2000)