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Capt Billy Yancey Family in front of "Riverbank"
Photo submitted by Mary Taffet - mdtaffet @
Mary:   In the photo of Captain Billy's family, my grandmother is the young girl with long hair and stripes on part of her dress who is sitting immediately in front of Captain Billy himself. With the exception of the 3 people on the far left of the row my grandmother is in, her family covers that entire row. Mary Ashby Gibbons Yancey is at the far right of that row, followed by her children in age order from right to left -- Kemper, Mary V, Bill, Lois, Bob, Charlotte, and Mildred.

But other than Captain Billy and his wife, I couldn't tell you who anybody else in the photo is.



Information concerning his Father - William Burbridge Yancey

Information concernng his Son - William Lewis Yancey