William Lewis Yancey


"Report of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Virginia Bar Association"
1901 - pages 112-114

Information concerning his father William Benjamin Yancey

Information concerning his grandfather William Burbridge Yancey

Family Photos of William Lewis & Mary Ashby Gibbons Yancey
submitted by: Mary D Taffett: mdtaffet  @  mailbox.syr.edu

Mary:    "In the center are my g-grandfather William Lewis Yancey (1860-1901), his wife Mary Ashby Gibbons Yancey (1862-1945) with I believe Ruth Yancey who lived only a few months (February - July 1899); Ruth may in fact be deceased in the photo. Surrounding their parents and deceased sister are the other children. I believe the boy at bottom right must be Kemper Winsborough Yancey (1887-1957), to his left must be William Burbridge Yancey (1893-1958), to the left & slightly above William must be Mildred Lewis Yancey (1900-1921), above her is undoubtedly Mary Virginia Yancey (1890-1987; the only one of my grandmother's sisters I ever met), to the right of her must be Robert Gibbons Yancey (1895-1971; the only one of my grandmother's brothers I ever met), to his right must be Lois Rodham Yancey (1894-1945); and below Lois is my grandmother Charlotte Yancey (1898-1983)."