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Tiffany, Roxana,, Dennis, Bryan

Dennis John Yancey 
Yancey Family Genealogical Research
- -  My Yancey Line of Descent - -

“ . . . The hope is that some day a Yancey descendant of a younger generation will attempt the production of a complete and authoritative, properly documented history of the Yancey family in America, with revised genealogical tables based on the corrected information provided by the research of many over a long period” Lloyd R. Garrison, 1962 in “The Descendants of Jackson M Yancey . . .” page 41

I have been doing Yancey Family Genealogical Research for about 30 years now. It has been my hope to fulfill the vision that Lloyd R Garrison had back in 1962. It has been my main goal throughout my years of Yancey research to be able to provide a common comprehensive database and collection of material that can be of use to ALL Yancey researchers, of all branches of the family, and covering time periods from the early American Colonies up until the present day. The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center, The Yancey Family Genealogical Database, The Yancey Family Researchers Database and the Yancey Family Genealogical Collection are results of such work.

To tell you a little about my personal life. I am in my  early 50’s (been doing genealogy since I was about 15). I grew up in a rural farm area of southeastern Idaho having Mormon pioneer heritage. For two years, at about the age of 20 I served a 2 year term of missionary service for the LDS (Mormon) church in the South Florida area involved in Spanish speaking congregations (I’ve been able to retain my Spanish fluency over the years – it helps living in Miami). After my two year service I returned to Idaho for a very short time – but soon after returned back to the year round sunny skies of Florida. I soon after married my wife Roxana, a native Bolivian, in the Washington DC Mormon Temple. We have lived in Miami for the past 30 years or so and now have two children Bryan, born in 1988 and Tiffany, born in 1992. I have been working at the University of Miami for over 25 years – and am currently a systems analyst for the University’s mainframe administrative computer applications focusing on the Human Resources and Payroll systems. My computer skills have come in very useful in the area of genealogical research. Various years back I served as an  LDS Bishop of the Palm Springs Ward in Miami and am now focusing on my family. Anyone who knows about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) knows that my faith has a lot to do with my work in the area of genealogy and family history.  

November 2007 - Our son Bryan left to serve as a missionary in the Recife, Brazil (Portuguese Speaking) Mission.

2013 - Bryan has graduated from the University of Miami - and has gone to Provo to continue his education. 

2014 - Tiffany graduated from the University of Miami,  and then went to the University of San Francisco where she just got her Masters in Internatioanl Relations. (December 2015).   She spent one of her summers in Bangladesh.

2015 - Bryan now works for Google Fiber in Provo Utah

2016 - Tiffany Graduated from University of San Francisco & moves to Boston

Since about 2010 we have been taking care of my wife's parents - her Father who suffered from Alzheimers and her Mother with Dementia and Parkinson's - doing this while both of us were holding down full time jobs most of this time. Roxana's Father passed in the summer of 2015 - and we now take care of her mother.  Roxana has taken a leave from her Teaching job to be with her mother.