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Alphabetic Listing of Yancey Researchers

Yancey Researcher's - grouped by Major Family Branch

- Charles Yancey, of Hanover/Louisa Co., Virginia - [Family Chart]

Charles Yancey III
John Yancey
Mary Yancey & Richard Estes -
[Family Chart]
James Yancey & Ann/Elizabeth (Thornton?)          - [Family Chart]             [Family Descendant Chart]
Archelaus & Mary Yancey                                        - [Family Chart]             [Family Descendant Chart]
Jechonias & Hannah (Kimbrough) Yancey             - [Family Chart]           [Family Descendant Chart]
Richard & Mary Yancey                                           - [Family Chart]           [Family Descendant Chart]
 Robert & Temperance (Dumas) Yancey                 - [Family Chart]           [Family Descendant Chart]
Betty & Edward Fielding Davis Yancey

Samuel Saxon & Mary Yancey                                 - [Family Chart]      [Family Descendant Chart] 

- Lewis Davis Yancey, of Culpeper Co., Virginia [Family Chart] [Kavanaugh Family]

Elizabeth Yancey
Charles & Caroline (Powers) Yancey - [Family Chart]               [Family Descendant Chart]
John & Mary (Layton) Yancey
- [Family Chart]                             [Family Descendant Chart]       
Philemon & Unity Yancey - [Family Chart]                                 [Family Descendant Chart]   
Lewis & Henrietta (Faver) Yancey - [Family Chart]                     [Family Descendant Chart]   
Winifred Yancey - [Family Chart]                                                             [Family Descendant Chart]   
Ann Eleanor Yancey - [Family Chart]                                            [Family Descendant Chart]   
Richard Yancey - [Family Chart]                                                              [Family Descendant Chart]   
Robert & Elizabeth (Holloway) Yancey - [Family Chart]            [Family Descendant Chart]   
James & Elizabeth (Cudworth) Yancey - [Family Chart]            [Family Descendant Chart] 

- Other Major Branches of the Family

Austin Yancey of North Carolina & Illinois - [Family Chart] - [Related Info]        [Family Descendant Chart]
Charles Yancey - Possible children of - [Family Chart]
Alfred Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Elijah & Elizabeth Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Elisha & Sophia Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Ezekiel & Nancy Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Levi Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Wesley & Mary Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
William Yancey of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Charles W & Mary Yancey of Ohio - [Family Chart                               [Family Descendant Chart] 
Cyrus & Sarah (Smith) Yancey of South Carolina - [Family Chart]     [Family Descendant Chart]
Dabner & Mary (Siddall) Yancey - [Family Chart                                            [Family Descendant Chart]

George W & Mary (Cravey) Yancey - [Family Chart]
John Yancey of Texas - [Family Chart] - [Related Info]

John & Elizabeth (Cravey) Yancey - [Family Chart]
Lewis & Rebecca (Siddal) Yancey of Alabama - [Family Chart]       [Family Descendant Chart]
Lewis D Yancey of Jasper Co., GA - [Family Chart]
Miles & Catherine (Wilson) Yancey - [Family Chart]                              [Family Descendant Chart]

Mines Yancey of Alabama - [Family Chart]                                                   [Family Descendant Chart]

Nathaniel & Frances Yancey Dobbs of Georgia - [Family Chart]
Richard Yancey of Hall Co., Georgia - [Family Chart]                    [Family Descendant Chart]
Sanford & Jane (Harris) Yancey of Missouri - [Family Chart]
Walter C Yancey of Ohio/Iowa - [Family Chart]
William C Yancey of Limestone Co., AL - [Family Chart]
William and Jane (Hepzibah) Yancey of Marshall Co., WV - [Family Chart]
Zachariah & Mary Yancey of Scott Co., TN - [Family Chart]        [Family Descendant Chart]

Michael & Mary (Gerber) Yantzi - [Family Chart]    [Family Descendant Chart]

 African American Branches of the Family

      Albert Green Yancey Family of Georgia
        Benjamin Yancy Branch
        Beverly C Yancey Branch
        George W Yancey
        Jack Thomas Yancey
        James Yancey Family of Massachusetts
        James E Yancey & Ann Newton
       James H Yancey Branch
        John Yancey & Mary Blanks
        Peter Yancey family of Caswell Co., NC
        Thornton Yancey Family of Louisa Co., VA

        Walter C Yancey Branch
        William & Mary (Jennings) Yancy family

 Non Yancey Branches of the Family

        Kavanaugh Family

        Nanney Family
            Of Wales
                    Hugh Nanney 
            [Family Descendant Chart]
                    Lewis Nanney            [Family Descendant Chart]
                    Evan Nanney             [Family Descendant Chart]
                    John Nanney              [Family Descendant Chart]
                    Griffin Nanney           [Family Descendant Chart]

            Of America
                    John Nanney of Virginia 
                  [Family Descendant Chart]
                    Don Guillermo Nanne of Central America
                    Reese Nanna of Pennsylvania

                    Reese Nannah of Pennsylvania
                    Reese Nanna of West Virginia
                    Robert Nanny of Massachusetts 
                    William Nanna of Ohio
                    William Nanna of New York                [Family Descendant Chart]
                    William Nanna of Pennsylvania/Athens Co., Ohio
                    William Nanna of Maryland

Researchers of all other Branches of the Family

Info concerning Obscure Branches of the Family