1910 Census Records

Dunklin County - P.59                                            Researcher: Donna Gist Moore
[SE Corner, borders AR, called 'Bootheel']
  Yancy, Parley   , born IL, age 59 [Parley Pratt Yancey]
    "    , Dotty, 49, IL [Lucinda Priscilla Barrett]
    "    , William A., 22, IL
    "    , Charlie M., 19, IL [Charles Newton]
    "    , Catherine, 13, AR [Grace]
    "    , Niobe, 10 AR [Nioba Cybelline]
    "    , Floria, 7, MO [Flora]
Short, Frank, 29, IL, brother-in-law (Lucinda's half-brother)
[Parley Pratt is the son of William Riley YANCEY and Rachel A. DUNCAN, from the Franklin/Williamson Counties area, Illinois.]

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