Adam Yancey Family                    
Cause of Death Analysis
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Name Birth/Death/Age Cause of Death  Notes Genetic Traits Link  
Adam Yancey 1859-1920  (age 61) Heart Problems Was also near blind (caterracts?) Blue Eyes  
Alice Yancey 1863-1942 (age 79) Effects of old age and diabetes   Blue Eyes  
Adam A Yancey 1880-1892 (age 12) Thrown from a horse (Cerebral damage?)   Blue Eyes?  
Orval Yancey 1882-1954 (age 71) Heart Attack   Blue Eyes, near sighted  
James Henry Yancey 1884-1959 (age 75) Died in Sleep (Heart Attack?)   Blue Eyes  
Emron Yancey 1886-1957 (age 70) Heart Attack   Blue Eyes  
Bertha Yancey 1888-1980 (age 92) Effects of old age?   Blue Eyes  
Cyrus Yancey 1890-1948 (age 57)   Had serious medical complications due to injuries from World War I. Blue Eyes  
Alice Yancey 1892-1985 (age 93) Effects of old age?   Blue Eyes  
Daniel Yancey 1895-1939 (age 44) Heart and kidney problems had an accident as a young boy that affected him most of his early life. Blue Eyes  
Sylvia May Yancey 1897-1940 (age 42) Complications at Childbirth   Blue Eyes  
Mary Yancey 1898-1898 (age 0) Infant death - Whooping Cough   Blue Eyes?  
Nathan Orley Yancey 1900-1969 (age 69) Cancer - Prostate   Blue Eyes, Receding Hairline  
Sarah Yancey 1903-1966 (age 63) Heart Problems/Diabetes   Blue Eyes  
Elizabeth Yancey 1905-1905 (age 0) Infant death Infant Death Blue Eyes?  
William Yancey 1909-1977 (age 68) Heart Attack   Blue Eyes, Receding hairline  
Ruth Yancey 1916-2004 (age 88) Effects of old age? ??  
Thelma Yancey  (Orval) 1905-1976 (age 70 Heart Attack      
Charlotte Yancey (Orval) 1908-1965 (age 57) Heart Attack      
Verla Yancey (Orval) 1916-1970 (age 53) Heart Attack      
Jack Yancey (Orval) 1919-1986 (age 66) Heart Attack      
Gladys Yancey (James) 1909-2004 (age 94) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Evelyn Yancey (James) 1911-2008 (age 97) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Zola Yancey (James) 1914-2006 (age 92) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Lowell Yancey (James) 1916-2005 (age 89) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Maxine Yancey (James) 1918-2015 (age 97) Living   Blue Eyes    
Edythe Yancey (James) 1919-2013 (age 93) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Elaine Yancey (James) 1922-2002 (age 80) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Harold Yancey (James) Living Living   Blue Eyes    
Dorothy Matilda Yancey (Emron) 1908-1993 (age 85) Stroke   Blue Eyes  
Richard Yancey (Emron) 1910-2000 (age 89) Stroke   Blue Eyes  
Wyora Yancey (Emron) 1911-1980 (age 68) Leukemia   Blue Eyes  
Elvera Yancey (Emron) 1913-1976 (age 63) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
Judson Yancey (Emron) 1915-1986 (age 70) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
John Dean Yancey (Emron) 1916-1982 (age 66) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
Elizabeth Yancey (Emron) 1918-1918 Stillborn      
Frank Yancey (Emron) 1919-1987 (age 68) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
Delpha Yancey (Emron) 1921-1956 (age 35) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
David Yancey (Emron) 1921-2004 (age 82) Kidney Failure   Blue Eyes  
Alzina Yancey (Emron) 1922-2010 (age 88) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
Adam E. Yancey (Emron) 1924-2008 (age 83) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Jesse T. Yancey (Emron) 1928-1977  (age 49) Construction Accident   Blue Eyes  
Velda Yancey (Emron) Living (age 82) Living   Blue Eyes    
Verda Yancey (Emron) 1929-2021 (age 91) Living   Blue Eyes    
Leroy Yancey (Emron) 1930-2021  (age 90) Living   Blue Eyes    
Wallace Yancey (Emron) 1932-2001 (age 68) Kidney Failure   Blue Eyes  
Wanda Yancey (Emron) 1932-1957 (age 24) Complications after child birth related to kidneys   Blue Eyes  
Donetta Jensen (Bertha) 1909-2002 (age93) Effects of old age?      
Verba Jensen (Bertha) 1911-2000 (age 89) Effects of old age?      
Paul Jensen (Bertha) 1915-1957 (age 42) Accidental discharge of a gun      
Laurel Jensen (Bertha)   Living        
Josephine Jensen (Bertha) 1921-2009 (age87) Effects of old age   Blue Eyes  
Ross Jensen (Bertha) 1924-1991        
Vernon Jensen (Bertha) Living Living        
Vonda Jensen (Bertha) Living Living        
Phyllis Jensen (Bertha) Living Living        
Robert William Yancey (Cyrus) 1932-2004 (age 72)          
Alice Anderson (Sylvia) 1920-2021 (age 101) Hazel Eyes
Melvin J Anderson (Sylvia) 1921-2011  (age 89) Heart Failure      
Paul Anderson (Sylvia) 1924-2003  (age 79) Colon Cancer      
Mark Anderson (Sylvia)          
Carl Anderson (Sylvia)          
Gale Anderson (Sylvia)     Blue Eyes    
Joel Anderson (Sylvia)          
Ceilia Anderson(Sylvia)          
Lydean Yancey (Orley) 1928-1978 (age 50) Cancer   Blue Eyes  
Brice Yancey (Orley) 1930-1995 (age 64) Heart Attack   Blond hair that turned dark, Blue Eyes, Receding Hairline  
Cleo Yancey (Orley)  1932-2018 (age 86) old age / dementia
  Blue Eyes    
Yvonne Yancey (Orley)   Living   Blue Eyes    
Clair Yancey (Orley) Infant Twin Death Blue Eyes
Clem Yancey (Orley)   Living   Blue Eyes, NearSighted    
Roger Yancey (Orley)   Living   Blue Eyes    
Cleo White (Sarah) 1924-1990 (age 65) Heart Problems also had Dementia    
Clarence White (Sarah) 1926-2010 (age 84) Effects of Age, Prostate Cancer      
Forest D White (Sarah) 1927-1999 (age 71) Heart Attack   Blue Eyes  
Vernon M. White (Sarah) 1936-2000 (age 64) Heart Attack / Diabetes   Blue Eyes  
Sharon Yancey (William)   Living   Blue Eyes    
David Yancey (William)   Living   Blue Eyes    
Marvin Yancey (William)   Living   Blue Eyes    
Ivan Yancey (William) 1941-1990  (age 49) Pulmonary Embolism after Surgery   Blue Eyes  
Paula Yancey (William) 1942-2007 (age 64) Heart Failure   Hazel Eyes  
Ann Yancey (William)   Living   Green Eyes    
Elder Keith A. Madsen 1934-1957 Bicycle Accident while serving in Taiwan
Melba Ockerman
(Tillie, Emron, Adam)
Vea Lois Yancey
(Richard, Emron, Adam)
1938-1938 Stillborn
Ralph Ockerman
(Tillie, Emron, Adam)
1939-2012 Kidney & Heart Failure
Loa Jean Yancey Jensen
(John, Emron, Adam)
1941-1996 Cancer
Faye Yancey Bright
(Frank, Emron, Adam)
David Arthur Silfvast
(Elvera, Emron, Adam)
1946-2008 Airplane Crash
Stephen G.Yancey
(Jesse, Emron, Adam)
1954-2000 Cancer - Pancreatic
Barbara Barney
(Wyora, Emron, Adam)
1931-2009 Kidney Failure/Diabetes
Scott Barney
(Wyora, Emron, Adam)
????-1962 Airplane Crash
David Ellis Yancey
(David, Emron, Adam)
1944-1973 Collapsed Lung
Clair Lamar Yancey
(Clem, Orley, Adam)
1968-1968 Premature Infant Death
Bryan K Yancey 1979-1989 Diabetic Complications