Adam Yancey Family                    
Biographical Data
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Name Birth/Death/Age High School Class Secondary Education Mission Military  
Adam Yancey 1859-1920  (age 61) Had limited formal education Had limited formal education Mission to Texas    
Alice Yancey 1863-1942 (age 79)          
Adam A Yancey 1880-1892 (age 12) N/A N/A   N/A  
Orval Yancey 1882-1954 (age 71) ??        
James Henry Yancey 1884-1959 (age 75) ??   Mission - Wisconsin  
Emron Yancey 1886-1957 (age 70) ??        
Bertha Yancey 1888-1980 (age 92) ??        
Cyrus Yancey 1890-1948 (age 57)     Mission - Central States US Marine WWI  
Alice Yancey 1892-1985 (age 93) ?   Mission - Southern States    
Daniel Yancey 1895-1939 (age 44)       US Army WWI  
Sylvia May Yancey 1897-1940 (age 42)   Nursing      
Mary Yancey 1898-1898 (age 0)   N/A      
Nathan Orley Yancey 1900-1969 (age 69)     Mission - Louisiana    
Sarah Yancey 1903-1966 (age 63)          
Elizabeth Yancey 1905-1905 (age 0)   N/A      
William Yancey 1909-1977 (age 68) Pocatello High??   Mission - Great Britain    
Ruth Yancey 1916-2004 (age 88) BHS-1933        
Thelma Yancey  (Orval) 1905-1976 (age 70          
Charlotte Yancey (Orval) 1908-1965 (age 57)          
Verla Yancey (Orval) 1916-1970 (age 53)          
Jack Yancey (Orval) 1919-1986 (age 66)       WWII  
Gladys Yancey (James) 1909-2004 (age 94) BHS        
Evelyn Yancey (James) 1911-2008 (age 97) BHS        
Zola Yancey (James) 1914-2006 (age 92) BHS        
Lowell Yancey (James) 1916-2005 (age 89) BHS        
Maxine Yancey (James) 1918-2015 BHS        
Edythe Yancey (James) 1919-2013 (93) BHS        
Elaine Yancey (James) 1922-2002 (age 80) BHS-1939        
Harold Yancey (James) 1926-2016 BHS        
Dorothy Matilda Yancey (Emron) 1908-1993  BHS?        
Richard Yancey (Emron) 1910-2000 (age 89) BHS   Mission Mission  
Wyora Yancey (Emron) 1911-1980 (age 68) BHS        
Elvera Yancey (Emron) 1913-1976 (age 63) BHS        
Judson Yancey (Emron) 1915-1986 (age 70) BHS        
John Dean Yancey (Emron) 1916-1982 (age 66) BHS        
Elizabeth Yancey (Emron) 1918-1918          
Frank Yancey (Emron) 1919-1987 (age 68) BHS        
Delpha Yancey (Emron) 1921-1956 (age 35) BHS        
David Yancey (Emron) 1921-2004 (age 82) BHS        
Alzina Yancey (Emron) 1922-2010 (age 88) BHS-1939        
Adam E. Yancey (Emron) 1924-2008 (age 83) BHS     WWII  
Jesse T. Yancey (Emron) 1928-1977  (age 49) BHS   Mission    
Velda Yancey (Emron) Living (age 82) BHS        
Verda Yancey (Emron) 1929-2021 BHS        
Leroy Yancey (Emron) 1930-2021 BHS        
Wallace Yancey (Emron) 1932-2001 (age 68) BHS     Korean War  
Wanda Yancey (Emron) 1932-1957 (age 24) BHS        
Donetta Jensen (Bertha) 1909-2002 (age93) BHS        
Verba Jensen (Bertha) 1911-2000 (age 89) BHS        
Paul Jensen (Bertha) 1915-1957 (age 42) BHS        
Laurel Jensen (Bertha)   BHS        
Josephine Jensen (Bertha) 1921-2009 (age87) BHS        
Ross Jensen (Bertha) 1924-1991 BHS        
Vernon Jensen (Bertha) Living BHS        
Vonda Jensen (Bertha) Living BHS        
Phyllis Jensen (Bertha) Living BHS        
Robert William Yancey (Cyrus) 1932-2004 (age 72)       Korean War  
Alice Anderson (Sylvia) 1920-2021 Pocatello HS?
Melvin J Anderson (Sylvia) 1921-2011          
Paul Anderson (Sylvia) 1924-2003          
Mark Anderson (Sylvia)  1926-2018          
Carl Anderson (Sylvia)  1920-2017          
Gale Anderson (Sylvia)            
Joel Anderson (Sylvia)            
Lydean Yancey (Orley) 1928-1978 (age 50) BHS-1946?        
Brice Yancey (Orley) 1930-1995 (age 64) BHS-1948     Korean War  
Cleo Yancey (Orley)  1932-2018 (age 86) BHS-1951?        
Yvonne Yancey (Orley)   BHS-1957        
Clair Yancey (Orley)
Clem Yancey (Orley)   BHS-1962   Mission  US Army  
Roger Yancey (Orley) BHS-1964?
Vietnam War
Cleo White (Sarah) 1924-1990 Tabiona, UT        
Clarence White (Sarah) 1926-2010 Tabiona, UT        
Forest D White (Sarah) 1927-1999 Tabiona, UT        
Vernon M. White (Sarah) 1936-2000 Tabiona, UT        
Sharon Yancey (William)   Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
David Yancey (William)   Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
Marvin Yancey (William)   Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
Ivan Yancey (William) 1941-1990 Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
Paula Yancey (William) 1942-2007 Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
Ann Yancey (William)   Cyprus HS, Magna UT        
OTHER DESCENDANTS who graduated BHS up to year 2000.estimates below
Ronald Peterson Yancey (John)1935-2019BHS-1951?Korean War
Loa Jean Yancey (John)1941-1996BHS???
Carol Yancey (John)BHS-1963
Boyd Yancey (Richard)BHS-1961?
Marvin Yancey (Richard)BHS-1957?
Merlin Yancey (Richard)BHS-1957?
Lucille Yancey (Richard)BHS-1959?
Dean Yancey (Richard)BHS-1965
David Elliis Yancey (David)BHS-1962
Christene Yancey (Jesse)BHS-1976?
Stephen George Yancey (Jesse)1954-2004BHS-1972?
Paul Yancey (Jesse)BHS-1974?
Deanne Yancey (Judson)BHS-1961?
Skip Yancey (Judson)BHS-1963?
Sharon Yancey (Judson)BHS-1959?
Janis Yancey (Adam E)BHS-1964
Janet Yancey (Adam E)BHS-1964
Jeanne Yancey (Delpha)BHS-1964
Dave Yancey (Adam E)BHS-1965
Lyle Yancey (Clem)BHS-1987?
Chris Yancey (Clem)BHS-1988?
Valerie Yancey (Clem)BHS-1990?
Lynn (Clem)BHS-1993?
Jerry Yancey (Clem)BHS-1995?
Debra Yancey (Clem)BHS-1999?
Ryan Yancey (Clem)BHS-2001?
Darren Yancey (Marvin)BHS-1991?
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