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Brett Simms    

 "This time, like all times, is a good one if we but know what to do with it."   Email: simmbret@isu.edu 

Lives in:  Pocatello 

Works for:  

Yolanda Simonson     "My idea of keeping a secret is whispering, while I repeat it".    Email:  ynilsson@mcleodusa.net  

Lives in: Aberdeen Area

Works for: 


Ronald Speth    "If you understand the problem - the solution will come."
After I graduated I went on a LDS mission to Puerto Rico.  (1984-1986)
 When I returned I went to Utah State University and received a BS degree in Computer Science (1984 - 1991)
 In Sept 1988 I married Elisa Kennard in the Logan Temple
 After I graduated I took a Job at Saddleman Seat Covers in Logan Utah as a system admin. (1991 - 1992)
 In 1992 I took a job as a software developer for Electronic Payment Systems.  (1992 - 2001)
Software development
Database admin
Network admin
Telephone system admin
It was a small company.
 In 2001 I took my current job as a software engineer (embedded system) for MotoSAT. (www.motosat.com)
Elisa and I have 4 children with 1 on the way due (April 2, 2003)
Lydia born Oct 1989
Nathaniel born Nov 1991
Emily born March 1994
Benjamin born Aug 1996
 We have been busy in our church callings.  Elisa has served as Primary president.  I am currently serving as Bishop of the West Valley 1st Ward.
Email: ron@motosat.com  

Lives in: West Valley, UT

Works for: MotoSat


Steve Surdam

"They're coming to take me away ("Ha Ha") Believe it or not, I don't look to much different than I did when we graduated. I do have blonde hair now because I have lived oversea's for so long. I lived in Hawaii for four years then I moved on to Japan for another fours years. When I graduated I joined the Army Reserves like a fool came back to Idaho and joined the active Navy where I have been for 17 years. I became a Master Welder in the Navy. I weld on nuclear Reactors, I am also a Fire Marshal and Fire Chief. I love to live my life on the dangerous side. Yes I am still a tad bit crazy. Been to Africa and fooled around with some wild lions. Been Surfing with Great Whites. Now I've slowed down a bit and work in ST. Robert Missouri as a Navy Recruiter. I got married along the way and have four children two boys and two girls who keep mew on my toes. When I put down on my senior picture "their coming to take me away HA HA" I was meaning the U.S. Government. I met Bill Clinton I haven't met George W. yet. But when I do retire I plan on working for the federal government in one way or form. Shell oil company has been chasing me for years trying to hire me. So far it's been up to 125 dollars an hour. But I keep turning it down. They want me for the oil rig fires because I put a couple of fires out in Kuwait along with them. I came up with a idea that was safer than what they were already doing. But I want to work in D.C. I havn't applied yet because I have 6 years left in the Navy. So tell me what you have been up to. Email: ssurdam@usa.net 

Lives in:  St Robert, MO

Works for: The Navy


Sara Valadez   "A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter . . . He that has found one has found a treasure."    Lives in: Aberdeen?
Joe Velasquez  "I don't know, I don't care and it doesnt matter."     Email: localconnect@elko.net  
Sue Ann Ward [Shelman]

"Tall people give short people someone to look up to" I am the busy working mom of 3 kids. Seth is 14 (do you remember 8th grade?)  Marcus is 11, Kira is 7.  They are all active in sports, piano and whatever else I can get them to do so they don't sit in front of the TV all day.  I still work at the hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  I also fly in the helicopter to outlying small hospitals, Blackfoot, Soda, etc. and transport premature and sick babies once or twice a month.  Sometimes exciting, sometimes very scary!!!!!  My husband Tod works at the John Deere Store in Blackfoot. I didn't think I would still be living near Aberdeen and that my kids would go to Aberdeen, but you know what; I love it! Lives in: Pingree, Idaho

Email: SShelman@dcdi.net

Judy Woods 

"The moment of absolute certainty never arrives; I should know!"    Email: 

Lives in:  California?

Works for: 


Todd Woods 

"Sometimes I am wise, but most of the time I am otherwise."    Email: woodsgang@mail.com 

Lives in:  Pingree Area



Dennis Yancey


Favorite Quote: Robert Frost -
I, I have traveled the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. 

Secondary Education:
Ricks College
1993 BBA in Computer Information Systems, University of Miami

1984-1986: LDS spanish speaking Mission to South Florida

1987: Married Roxana Zenteno, native Bolivian, in LDS Temple in Wash. DC.

1992 - Huricane Andrew Survivor

1993-present: Working as a Sr Systems Analyst at the University of Miami – working with MainFrame HR & Payroll applications

Family: Wife, Roxana and two Children –
Bryan D. – born 1988
Tiffany R – born 1990

Webmaster & Genealogist for the
Yancey Family Surname Resource Center – largest collection of Yancey Genealogy in the world.

Active in LDS Church callings

Lives in: Miami, Florida. [address & phone on file]

Works at: The University of Miami as a Sr. Systems Analyst


WebSite: www.geocities.com/djyancey/



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