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Shelly Christiansen [Van Orden]     Lives In:  

Email: FARMERJVO@aol.com 

Work: Farming


Sharon Claunch 

"To love mankind is easy, what's hard is loving one man." I live in Oakdale, Ca. (Near Modesto)

I am a self-employeed CPA. Doing some consulting, but mostly a full-time mom. I have 5 children. Three boys 4 years, 2 years, and one. They keep me pretty busy. My girls are 13 and 9 years old.

Lives In:

Email: shunter@thegrid.net 


 Curtis Crosland 

"Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, left handed people are the only ones in their rightr mind."   Lives In:


Works For:


 Dane Dancliff 

"I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong"    Lives In: 
2360 S 2nd Ave
Pocatello, ID 83204


Works For:


 Thayne Driscoll  "What man feels in his heart he advertises on his face" A little update on myself. I am the Mangager of Driscoll Potatoes, Inc. in American Falls, Idaho. I also live near American Falls on the Snake River, beautiful view. My wifes name is Andra we have been married for 16 years and have four children, Logan 13, Savannah 10, Cheyanne 6, Adam 4.  Our family loves the outdoors and motor sports, fourwheelers, snowmobiles, camping. Our girls love to dance and are on the Southeastern Idaho Stars Dance Team. My wife graduated from Shelley High School and went on to Ricks College and then to Idaho State University and graduated in Elementary and Special Education, and is currently working on her Masters Program thru Boise State University and will be finished in June 2003. My brothers and I still Farm and run the fresh pack potato facility. We raise 3000 acres of potatoes, 4000 acres of grain, 400 acres of sweet corn, 1500 acres of sugar beets and 800 head of beef cows. Driscoll Potatoes runs almost year round to market our potatoes and those that we contract which is around 2.3 million cwt. per year. We are part of Idaho Fresh Cooperative which markets our potatoes through an organization called Potandon, which markets the Green Giant label in fresh potatoes. We also market under the Sunspiced label and many other private labels. There are approximately 70 growers and six packing sheds that are part of the Co-op. We together are the largest shipper of Fresh Potatoes out of Idaho and also the nation. Thats a little history of my family and occupation.  Lives: Near American Falls

Email: tdriscoll@afwireless.com 

Work: Driscoll Farms


 Dan Dvorak 

"I don't let study interfere with my high school education."   Lives In:
2290 Neclario
Boise, Idaho


Works For:


 Brent Fehringer  "When in charge, ponder.  When in trouble, delegate.  When in doubt, mumble."   Lives In: Twin Falls

Email:  BrentFehringer@wseco.com 

Works For: Western States Equipment


 Dale Fehringer  "It's not that I'm afraid to die, It's just that I don't want to be there when it happens."   Lives In: American Falls


Work:  Farming


Lea Findley  "I've been told that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but who the heck wants a fish."   Lives In: 

492 So. 1550 W. 
Pingree Idaho 83262 



 Gary Foster 

"I ain't scared of the fires of Hell!  I've already been touched by them!" I live in Aberdeen and work for Jr Simplot as a Process Control Tech. I went to school at DeVry Phoenix and got an Associates in Electronics.Upon returning to Aberdeen I went to work for the UofI Research Center for eight years as an Electronics Specialist, four and a half years ago I got the opportunity to start an Electrical Apprentice  which I completed and became a Journeyman Electrician in July. I have been married for 16 years last July to Kandie a girl I met while I was running a farm in Atomic City. We have 6 children that keep us busy, Travis is 15 and now driving (yea) Trenton 14, Shawn 12, Kadie 10, Kamille 7, and Karlene 3, she was a surprise. I spend the majority of my spare time working with the Fire Department, with many of the people we went to school with, and find a great deal of satisfaction in this capacity. Lives: Aberdeen

Email: glfoster@simplot.com   

Work: JR Simplot



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