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William Lowndes Yancey (1814-1863)

"Our Poetry is our Lives . . . "

said William Lowndes Yancey


"Sacred to the memory
of William Lowndes Yancey
born at the Shoals of Ogeechee,
Warren County, Georgia
Ausgust 10 1814.  Died near Montgomery,
Alabama July 27 1863

Believing in God, he trusted in Christ,
and the fervent prayer of his life
growing to its fuller years ever was
that Faith Hope and Charity,
humanly three, divinely one,
might have his heart as the hallowed home.

Called to public life in the most critical hour
of his country's fortunes
He was a man whose love of truth,
devotion to right, simple integrity
and reverence for manly honor
made him a leader among men.
Virtue gave him strength,
courage upheld his convictions
heroism inspired him with fearlessness. 
His sense of responsibility never consulted popularity
nor did his high position claim homage
save on the ground of worth
justified in all his deeds.
For his country's sake 
He loved the South.
  For the sake of the South
He loved his country.

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