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Though today it seems that virtually all members of the family spell their name either Yancey or Yancy - and pronounce it to rhyme with "fancy"  - there are a number of early American publications that record the name under the spelling of YAUNCEY.  Is this just an anomaly, is it just because of mis-transcriptions? Or is this a real indication of how the name may have been pronounced - and thus spelled on various early American documents - simply because the recorder spelled it the way he heard it??

Is this support for the theory that the name could originally have been Jauncey?

Cases of the use of the spelling of "Yauncey"


Name Original year of
events recorded
Year document published Persons Mentioned Details
American Bibliography     James Jauncey Link
Boston, Mass records 1780's   James Jauncey Link
The Douglas Register mid 1700's  1928 Various Yanceys of Louisa Co., VA Link    Link
Journal of the American Congress 1778 1823 Capt. Robert Yancey Link
Loyalty of the Clergy 1774 1907 Rev Robert Yauncey Link
1790 Census 1790 1790? Leighton Yancey Link
William & Mary Quarterly 1770's   Rev Robert Yancey Link
The Papers of John Marshall early 1800's? 1977 Charles Yancey Link