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Battle of San Jacinto





JOHN YANCY was born June 22, 1815 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He first arrived  in Texas as a single man in 1833. The Nacogdoches County Board of land Commissioners issued him a Headright Certificate for one third of a league of land. Mr. Yancy married Elizabeth McAnulty in 1837.

On April 1, 1836, John enlisted in Captain William D. Ratcliff's Company of volunteers, at San Augustine but withdrew from it while the company was on its march to join the main army. He received 320 acres of land for serving in the army from March 6 to June 6, 1836.

John Yancy fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, as a member of Captain Haden Arnold's First Company, part of Colonel Sidney Sherman's Second regiment. John was issued 640 acres of land for the service he performed at San Jacinto.

John and his wife Elizabeth moved from Nacogdoches County to Bell County in  1851. Mr. Yancy died October 16, 1868 and is buried in a marked grave in the Belton Cemetery in Belton. Mrs. Yancy was born September 30, 1820 and died October 26, 1898. She was buried in Killeen Cemetery 18 miles west of Belton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Yancy had four children, Sara J, Mary E, James R, and Margaret M.
Yancy. Their son James Yancy married Martha E. Caddell, the daughter of William J. Caddell, who was the son of Andrew Caddell, a San Jacinto Veteran. Margaret Yancy married J.L Peterson.

NOTE - DJY:  This short summary above has been passed around for a number of years.  One apparent error, though, is the birthplace of John given as Raleigh, NC. The source of this is uncertain.  But original copies of his military records indicate he was from Virginia and not North Carolina. His birthplace as Raleigh is almost certainly an error.