Some Yancey Cousins you may not have been aware of

Yanceys in the world of TV/Movie/Acting/Film/Radio




LUCAS YANCEY - The "Whaboom" Guy

Many of you may have noted "Lucas" -  on the most recent series of The Bachelorette

but few of you probably noticed he is a YANCEY.

Though identified as a real estate investor - This is not Lucas's first time on TV.

You may have seen him in a Nachos commercial


a few clips 


The Bachelorette

Nachos Commercials







margery wilson
Margery Wilson


Few of you probably realize that Yanceys have been involved on the movies - even since the times of the Silent  Movies.  Among the silent movie actresses was one Margery Wilson  a Yancey descendant.  

check out these links:




emily yancy

Emily Yancey is another actress you probably were not aware of

check out some of her videos




minnie yancey

Minnie Bates Yancey  - another unique member of the Yancey Family



elliott yancey

Elliot Yancey

a film producer who lives in Australia



schuyler yancey

Schuyler Yancey



cotton yancey

Cotton Yancey


rick yancey

and how many of you have seen the movie "The 5th Wave"

based on the book - by Rick Yancey




arch yancey
Arch Yancey - Radio DJ and country singer



and don't forget Yancey from Waltons Mountain


or even Yancey Woodchuck on the Muppets