First census record (of any type):   
1704 Virginia Quit Rent Rolls - King William County


First deed record  (various early deed records were lost/destroyed) 
1721 Charles Yancey deeded 448 acres by the British Government


First burial site - that is still marked today.
1784 - Lewis Davis Yancey burial plot Culpeper County, Virginia - first burial abt 1784
(though grave markers are not original)

First marriage record on county reocrds (note many marriage records have been lost/destroyed)
1765 Betty Yancey and James Moore - 7 Jan 1765 - Granville Co., NC


First probate record
1745 Robert Yancey, Louisa County, Virginia


First Military Record
1754 - Bartlett Yancey, Granville Co., NC Private in Regiment of William Eaton


First newspaper article
5 May 1774 - Virginia Gazette - mention of Rev Robert Yancey


First mention of "Yancey" in any published book 
I imagine that there are earlier - but so far I find
1788 - The History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment of the Independence of the United States of America

First known person with Yancey as a first name
1751 - Possibly Mr. Yancey Bailey 1751-1804 of Person County, North Carolina


First known use of the word/name  "Yancey/Yancy" - in any context whatsoever
1704 - Quit Rent Rolls of Virginia


First use of Yancey in a work of fiction



Does the string of  characters YANCEY exist in any Old English Text?
apparently  not - in what has been indexed


Can any of you find any earlier "firsts" than those recorded above?

if so please share with me. - Thanks


Dennis Yancey