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The Yancey Brothers of Newark, Delaware

Yancey Brothers
Back Row L-R:  ???, ???,  David Yancey, Mark Gibson, Daryl Yancey?
Front Row L-R: ???, ???, ???

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O' Lord I'll Go


Every now and then you pick up a CD that you just want to listen to over and over and over.  Well, The Yancey Brothers of Newark Delaware’s O’ Lord I’ll Go certainly fits into that category.  Therefore this month we review The Yancey Brothers of Newark Delaware's O’ Lord I’ll Go.


To really appreciate their music, it is necessary to delve a little into the members’ background.  The group consists of three generations of Yanceys.  Joe and David Yancey have been with the group for over 40 years.  James Yancey, thirty-eight years.  The second and third generations consist of David Yancey, II, Mark Gibson, Dwayne Yancey, Daryl Yancey and Dwight Yancey.  According to the liner notes, indicates that the Yancey Brothers have “marked out their own territory that nobody could possibly emulate.”  We believe that after you listen to this CD, you will agree that the group would be very difficult to emulate.


The group has a style that is quite unique.  Yet, it is solid traditional gospel quartet music.  The vocals are smooth.  No rough edges.  There is nothing gritty about their voices.  And the harmony is one of the best. 


There are eleven tracts on this CD.  Each song ministers to you in a way that leaves you wanting more.  In fact, one of the unfortunate aspects to the CD is that there are only eleven tracts.  These guys are so smooth and so tight in their singing that it would not be a stretch to say this CD could easily become one of the favorites in your collection.


The first tract is “Blessed by The Best.”  The title says it all.  This mid-tempo song gives you the total range of the Yancey Brothers’ vocal talents.  You will undoubtedly enjoy this very powerful song. 


We are Climbing” is a semi-drive song.  Radio angels will like this song.  Now this song will also remind you of the groups of the 60s and 70’s.  This is probably appropriate in that this CD represents the celebration of the Yancey Brothers' forty years in gospel music.  As such, one can only imagine that this song represents what the brothers may have sounded like during their earlier years.


I’m A Hard Fighting Solider” could be consider a testimony of the group.  In that according to the liner notes, current members have faced illnesses, the lost of two (2) original members and various health challenges as they continue sing the Word in song.


The title tract “O’ Lord I’ll Go” is a very slow ballad of an old traditional song that has been sung by many groups.  Rest assured, the Yancey Brothers give this tract certain freshness that probably only they could.  There is a hint of bells or chimes in the background that really adds another dimension to this song.  It is a great song. 


The longest song on the CD is “Nobody But Jesus.”  This is followed by “Like A Rock.”  For those that remember the rhythm and blues days of the 70’s you will hear many of the chords from some of the great music of that time.  None of it takes away from the solid messages being delivered by these songs. 


Tract seven is “Without A Doubt,” followed by “King Jesus IS A Rock” and “Leave It In The Hands Of The Lord.”  “Revive Us Again” and “One Drop of Blood” closes out the CD.


It is obvious from the song selections and the arrangements that a great deal of thought was put into the production of this CD.  There is just enough instrumentation on each song that allows you to fully enjoy these guys singing.  We recommend that you acquire a copy of this CD and really allow it to minister to you.

Back Row L-R: Mark Gibson, David Yancey, Daryl Yancey
Middle Row: Dwight Yancey, James Yancey
Front Row: Joseph Yancey

 Dedication to David Yancey

Back Row L-R: James, Joe, Dwight, Frank Yancey
Front Row:  David Yancey


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