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Compiled By: Dennis J Yancey
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The reason that the items here-in have been placed in chronological order is for various reasons. One, it gives the researcher some sort of an idea of the history and evolution of Yancey research over the years. It also makes it much easier to trace and understand how certain information has been passed on from early Yancey researchers to those of a later date. It also groups together items which were published around the same time period and lists those that have been published recently at the bottom of the list.

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Laurus Crawfurdiana [known as the Crawford Book] 1883. 177 pages  [Full Text]
Compiled By: Frank A. Crawford Vanderbilt (deceased - wife of the famous Cornelius Vanderbilt).
Summary: Information concerning Yancey family in this book is mainly confined to the descendants of Col. Charles Yancey (1741-1814) and his wife Mary Crawford as well as the Rev. Robert Yancey (1743-1774) and his wife Ann Crawford - all of the Louisa County area of Virginia. The book has quite a bit of interesting information, such as transcripts of old letters, wills, etc. Considering the date that this book was written - it was quite an impressive work. Mrs. Vanderbilt did make some mistakes however, concerning some of the earliest Yanceys of America. She records one John Yancey as an immigrant from Wales and as father of three Brothers: Charles, Leighton & Bartlett. Charles - supposedly marrying a Miss Dumas and being the ancestor of most of the Yanceys in this book - This information has been found to be incorrect - but was unfortunately quoted by most later works.
The eminent researcher James P. Root - seems to have done some of the research for the book.
Notes: Book is very rare, I have both a xerox copy and a microfiche copy. In 1974 a short addendum was made to this book by Amelia E. Massey. DJY
Various County Histories containing references to origins of Yancey Family
Various Letters written in the 1880s (are part of Nanney-Yancey History)
[Text of Letters]

Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia/Personal Histories of Bedford County" - click here.

History of South East Missouri. Goodspeed [Joel Yancey] 1888.Early Reference to the immigrant Yancey "brothers" (without names) being Welsh. But does not mention "1642".     [Full text]

Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper, Newton, Indiana [William Yancey], F. A. Battey, 1883 [Full text] records Yanceys as French Irish.

History of North East Missouri  [Stephen Bedford Yancey] 1913 [Full text] claims Family was of French Origin (descend from Robert and Jeremiah Yancey (father and son who BOTH married French women)

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography 1915 - Mentions Yancey brothers coming in 1642
[ Full  Text] But gets lineage of Robert Davis Yancey mixed up.

Other early Yancey Biographies

Life and Times of William Lowndes Yancey. 1892.   [Full Text on Google]
By John W. Dubose [Photo]
Two volume set concerning the Civil War era and William Lowndes Yancey's life and involvement in the confederate cause. Limited genealogical information. It would seem that this work makes the first published reference to the "Yancey Brothers" coming to America in 1642 with Sir William Berkeley.
Notes: I have access to original volumes. DJY  [More info]
Genealogical & Historical Notes on Culpeper County. A History of St Marks Parish in Culpeper County, Virginia 1900, 270+ pages  [Full Text on Google]
(Report by Raleigh T. Green in book compiled by Philip Slaughter)
Summary: This was the first published work that contained information (about 10 pages) about the descendants of Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper County, Virginia. Click here for full text
Notes: The Book has been republished various times and can be found in most major libraries. I have a xerox copy. DJY
The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina. 1901      [Full Text on Google]
Compiled By: Joseph A. Groves

Contains information on the Alston famly as well as the descendants of Jechonias Yancey.

History of Albemarle County, in Virginia. 1901 400+ pages   [Full Text on Google]
Compiled By: Rev. Edgar Woods

Contains an account of the Yanceys of Albemarle County, Virginia. Information on the Yancey family is restricted to a few pages. Wood's made a few mistaken assumptions as to the parentage of some of the early Yanceys in his book

Notes: I have a 1989 edition of this book DJY
History and Genealogies of the Families of Miller . . . Yancey and Others. 1907
Author: W. H. Miller
Miller's book contains a wealth of information on the Millers, Woods, Kavanaughs and others, but the information on the Yancey family seems to be pretty much the same information put together by Green and Slaughter - of the Yanceys of Culpeper County
Notes: I have xerox copies of various pages DJY   [ full text ]
James Sprunt Historical Publications - Bartlett Yancey.  1911.
 [Full Text]
Contains a biography of Bartlett yancey
"Yancey Family. Historical and Genealogical Notes"
Published in: William and Mary Quarterly Series I, Vol 17 [Full Text]
Contains a brief write-up of early Yancey family information extracted from records from Culpeper and Mecklenburg counties in Virginia and Granville County in North Carolina.
Notes: I have a xerox copy. DJY
"Yanceys in the Revolution"
Published in Virginia Historical Magazine Vol 23.
Contains a very brief write-up of information concerning Yanceys who served in the military during the Revolutionary War era.
Notes: I have a xerox copy. DJY
The Nanney or Yancey History. ca. 1930, 15+ pages
Compiled By: Tempe H. Carraway (1881-1943)
Summary: This was the first genealogical work done exclusively about the Yancey family. Mrs. Carraway seems to have been the first one to record the connection between the Yancey and Nanney families. She seems also to be the first one to document the Yancey Coat of Arms - and note its similarity to the Nanney arms. She was an artist and it would seem that many later renditions of the Yancey Coat of Arms were based on her sketches. She also quoted the works of Phillip Slaughter concerning the Yancey family as well as various family records.
Notes: Her Report was apparently never actually bound or professionally published. I have an original copy. There are various versions of this report. DJY
Lynchburg and It's Neighbors. 1935  
Compiled By: Rosa Faulkner Yancey. (deceased)
Summary: Contains genealogical information for various families of the Lynchburg area in Virginia. Contains information concerning the ancestors of Robert Davis Yancey (Husband of the author). Much information in this book concerning the earliest Yancey ancestors has been found to be obviously invalid and erroneous information. Sources of much of authors Yancey family information is unknown. Separating what is fact, what is partially true, and what is incorrect information is very hard.
Notes: I have a xerox copy of this book. DJY
History of Louisa County, Virginia. 1936
Compiled By Malcolm H. Harris.
This early history of Louisa County records briefly some information about early Yanceys of the County. But it also gives a good amount of background history for that branch of the Yancey family that originated from Hanover/Louisa County Virginia.
NOTES: I have a Xerox copy. DJY
The Vanishing Virginian. 1940
Compiled By: Rebecca Yancey Williams. (deceased)
This was a book written as a novel about the family Life of Robert Davis Yancey of Lynchburg Virginia (father of the author). It was made into a movie at an early date - does not seem to be available on Video. Gives reader a very good idea of what life was like for the average Yancey family of Virginia. No genealogical data contained in this book.
NOTES: I have access to an original copy. DJY
Family Book of Remembrance and Genealogy - with allied Lines. 1952/1957
Compiled by Leonidas Devon Mecham      [Full Text]
This book is the result of a mammoth genealogical research effort on various families of which the Yancey family is only a small part. With pictures, charts, biographies it is an excellent work of more than 1000 pages. The information on the Yancey family is limited to the descendants of one Austin Yancey (of North Carolina and later Illinois) - mainly through his son Hiram John Yancey. But most of the information is concerning a descendant: Adam Yancey and wife Alice Tolman of Groveland, Idaho. The information on the Yancey family was actually written up by Bertha Yancey Jensen - a great-aunt of mine (now deceased) who did extensive Yancey research from about 1935-the 1980's. The Yancey information in this book covers about 30 pages.
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
Genealogy of Yancey - Medearis and Related Lines. 1958, 261+ pages.
Compiled By William H Norwood, James H Norwood & Olivia Y. Lacy [all deceased]
This was a major work in documenting the descendants of William Yancey (1740-1803) and Abigail Hicks. It was a collective effort of many people. The book contains information from many sources. It contains some photos and was published with a full color rendition of the Yancey coat of arms (apparently based on sketches of Mrs. Carraway). It also contains much family data as well as biographical info and general family history.

[Letters extracted from the book ]    [ see also ]    [ full text ]

NOTES: I have an original copy of the book with two appendices which seems to have been added in 1959 and 1961. DJY
The Yancy - Caddell and Allied Families. 1959, 38 pages  [ Full Text ]
Compiled By Ila Mitchell Conner (deceased ?)
A short, but well written report concerning the descendants of John Yancy (1815-1868) and Elizabeth McCanulty who settled in Texas. Includes Pictures and Biographical data. Origin and ancestry of John Yancy is uncertain.
NOTES: I have a xerox copy. DJY
Notes For Beginning A Genealogical Study of Certain Yancey Families
1960, 34+ pages  - Full Text -
Compiled By Lloyd R. Garrison (1892-1979)
This contains much information about branches of the Yancey family in Mecklenburg County, Virginia and Granville County, North Carolina.
NOTES: I have a xerox copy of an original. DJY
The Descendants of Jackson M. Yancey and Elizabeth B. Goode, His Wife
1962, 134 pages   [ full text ]
Compiled By Lloyd R. Garrison (1892-1979)
This is an excellently written book concerning the descendants of Jackson M. Yancey (1791-1838) and his wife Elizabeth Goode of North Carolina. It also contains information about the Nanney-Yancey connection. It contains some photos as well as a full color rendition of the Nanney coat of arms (which seems NOT to have been painted from an actual rendition of the Yancey Coat of arms - but just from descriptions of both the Yancey & Nanney arms)
NOTES: I have an original copy of the book. DJY
American Surnames
Written By Elsdon Smith
First mention of the claim that the Yanceys have a connection with the Family Langlois or that the name was used by English living in France. [text]
NOTES: I  have never seen anything to backup this claim. DJY
Yanceys West. ca. 1970, 3 pages
Written By Lillian Bogardus (1916-1993)
Although very short, this report is here included, because Mrs. Bogardus did do a wealth of Yancey family research. This write-up concerns her ancestor Austin Yancey, his family, and their migration West. Click here for full text.
NOTES: I have copies of this report. DJY
Some Yancey, Medearis, and Hicks Descendants. 1973 375 pages.
Compiled By Douglas M. Willis (deceased)
This book "evolved" from the previous "Yancey-Medearis and Related Lines". It is much better organized than the prior book and much better written and bound. But it has very little information outside of the descendants of William & Abigail Hicks Yancey - though for this branch of the family it is quite comprehensive.
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
Ancestors and Descendants of Capt. William Layton Yancey and his wife Frances Lynn Lewis 1600-1900. 1977, 290 pages.
Compiled By Rebecca L. Yancey (1898-1992)   - Full Text -
This book has a wealth of information concerning the Yanceys of the Rockingham County area of Virginia. Mainly concerned with the descendants of William Layton Yancey (grandson of Lewis Davis Yancey through his son John) - the book is full of biographical information as well as various pictures. Although there is some erroneous information concerning some of the very earliest Yanceys - most of the information in the book seems relatively well documented and accurate. The version of the Yancey Coat of Arms as displayed in this book is very suspect - and may not be based on an actual family rendition.
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
Jamieson and O'Callagan Ancestors. 1978. 85+ pages  [Partial Text ]  
Compiled By Jean Jamieson. (deceased)
Contains a good section concerning the early Yanceys - mainly of Mecklenburg Co., Virginia and Granville Co., North Carolina. Contains a lot of information concerning deeds, wills etc. not found in other sources.
NOTES: I have a xerox copy. DJY
NALL Families of America. 1978. 915 pages  - Full Text -
Compiled By Sally N. Dolphin (deceased)
This is an extensive compilation of material concerning the NALL/NALLE surname including information concerning the descendants of Martin & Winifred (Yancey) Nall and William & Ann Elenaor (Yancey) Nall - these two Yancey ladies being daughters of Lewis Davis Yancey of Culpeper County, Virginia. The information is very well documented and the book is very professionally done.
NOTES: I have a copy. DJY
YANCEY of Virginia. 1980's 7 pages
Compiled By Frances C. Griffin
This is nothing more than a short report which extracts information from other, previously published material. There is no original material here. Just quotes from other sources. Limited value.
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
The Family of John Lewis, Pioneer. 1985
Compiled By Irvin Frazier
Contains much of the same genealogical information as published in Rebecca L. Yancey's book with a few minor corrections. Very little Biographical information.
Descendants of Lewis Davis Yancey. 1986 & 1990. - Full Text
Compiled By Barbara B. Vaughn (deceased)
This is an excellant source of information concerning the descendants of Lewis Davis Yancey. Mrs. Vaughn corrects many errors that were being passed down by previous researchers. It is very well written. It contains some photos and some charts. Mrs. Vaughn makes note of sources used.
NOTES: I have original copies of both the 1986 & 1990 publications. DJY
Jones and Yancey Ancestors: Notes from a genealogical Study . . . 1993.
Compiled By Thomas E. Yancey (deceased)
Mainly concerns Yanceys of Mecklenburg Co., Virginia amnd Granville Co., North Carolina. Written in very same format as book by Jean Jamieson.
NOTES: I have xerox copy. DJY
Notes on some Descendants of Alexander Yancey and Mary Ann Elam. 1994
Compiled By Thomas B. Yancey (deceased)
Short write-up concerning descendants of Alexander Yancey (1815-1890+) of Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.  - Full Text -
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
Notes on some Descendants of Reason Porter Yancey and Susan C. Elam. 1994
Compiled by Jeanette Yancey  (deceased)
Short write-up concerning descendants of Reason P. Yancey (1813-1897) of Mecklenburg Co., Virginia.
NOTES: I have an original copy. DJY
The Yancey family of America. 1995
By Dennis J Yancey
60 page report concerning the origins of the Yancey family and the early Yanceys of America. One of the few books to give a balanced report on both main branches of the early Yanceys of Virginia & North Carolina: The Culpeper Branch - headed by Lewis Davis Yancey and the Hanover/Louisa County branch headed by Charles Yancey. Corrects many errors published in earlier reports. Most complete and accurate report for first few generations of documented Yanceys in America.
The Yancey family Genealogical Register. 1995
By Dennis J Yancey
Alpahabetic Register of over 8,000 Yancey family members, from earliest known Yanceys of Virginia & North Carolina down to present date. Most complete record of Yancey family genealogical data. Contains census, deed, military, other records - on a person by person basis. Complete list of sources is listed at family level.
The Yancey Family Genealogical Collection. 1996
By Dennis J Yancey
This is not a book, or report, per se, but is a microfilm copy of the entire Yancey family Genealogical Collection as compiled by Dennis J Yancey. It has been microfilmed by the LDS church and is now available through the local Family History Center Network. It contains information on probably around 20,000 Yancey descendants and allied lines. Over 30,000 pages have been microfilmed.
See the Web Page at the following address: yfgc.htm