DATED: 1887 PROVED: 1887

In the name of God amen, I A. G. YANCEY of Caswell County North Carolina being feeble of body but sound of mind do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is to say:

Item 1st - I will that my executrix here-in-after named pay all my just debts out of the first money that come to her hands as a part of my estate.

Item 2nd - I bequeath and devise unto my beloved wife MARY G. YANCEY for and during her natural life all of my property of every kind and description and should the rents of the lands be not sufficient to furnish her a support, I hereby give her the right to dispose of such property as she may think best for this purpose I will further that my wife have the right to give off to my children such things as she may think proper for which such child or children as [____?] their gifts are to account for them in the final division of my property.

Item 3rd - I bequeath and devise unto my daughter EMMA YANCEY for and during her natural life subject to disposition contained in item seckond My dwelling house and lot in the town of Yanceyville and all of my house hold and kitchen furniture and after her death I will that property given her revert to my estate and constitute a part of it.

Item 4th - I will to my granddaughter, POLLY KERR, my [piano?].

Item 5th - After the death of my wife MARY G. YANCEY I will that all my property conveyed to her for life be divided share and share alike between my children: ELIZA C. KERR, WILLIAM J YANCEY, MARY D. PALMER, EMMA YANCEY, A. G. YANCEY JR. and ANNIE E. COBB.

Item 6th - I nominate and appoint my wife MARY G. YANCEY my executrix to this my last will and testament and I request that my son-in-law HOWARD A. COBB assist my wife in the performance of her duties as such executrix. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand this the 14th day of July 1887.


[Probated 1887]