son of Robert and Phoebe Rozelle Yancey
Howard County Missouri
dated: 26 October 1869
proved: 15 August 1888

recorded: Vol. 9, pages 229-231

Know all men by these presents that I LAYTON YANCEY of the county of Howard in the state of Missouri being of sound mind do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made.

First - I desire my funeral expenses and just debts first paid out of any money or property on hand at the time of my death.

Secondly - I give and bequeath to my beloved wife during her life for her support and the support of my daughter MARY JANE all my real estate being the farm on which I now reside. I also give to by beloved wife all my household and kitchen furniture and such stock and farming utensils as she may desire to keep. I further direct that all money on hand at my death or owing to me or arising form sale of such personal property as my wife may not desire to keep be placed at interest by my executor in good security and the interest during the life of my wife paid to my wife and my daughter MARY JANE.

Thirdly - At the death of my wife I desire all my real estate except and one half acre around the graveyard and all my personal property sold by my executors and the money arising therefrom together with all money belonging to my estate after paying expenses divided among my children and my grandchildren as follows:

I give to my daughter MARY JANE, twenty two hundred dollars, and I direct that amount paid to her by my executors first out of the funds above specified and the balance I direct my executors I direct my executors to pay over to by other children making them equal after they account for the following advancements:

John A. YANCEY has received two hundred dollars.
Jeremiah R. two hundred and eighty nine.
Robert S. four hundred and eighty nine.
Joel, one hundred and fifty.
Charles S. ninety.
William H. one hundred and forty.
Evan ninety three.
Elizabeth P. BURTON one hundred and fifty.
Margaret Ann CROSS one hundred and thirty.
Mildred FINNELL, one hundred and seventy.

I further desire that if my grandson Jesse Layton YANCEY does not pay a note he owes to my sons HENRY and SQUIRE that the amount of said note and interest being deducted from the part of his father John A. YANCEY under this will as said note was made for his benefit. I hereby appoint my sons Charles S. and William H. executors of this will on testimony where I have hereunto set my hand this 26th day of October 1869.


We attest the above and foregoing will by subscribing our names hereto as witnesses in the presence of LEIGHTON YANCEY the testator this 26th day of October 1869.


I LEIGHTON YANCEY make and publish this as first codicil to my last will and testament. I desire my said son WILLIAM H. YANCEY to act as trustee for my sons JOHN A. and EVAN YANCEY and direct my executors to pay to said trustee that part of my estate coming to said JOHN A. and EVAN and their families and to be paid to them as said trustee shall think proper. I also change my said will so as to charge my son JOEL with advancements to the amount of two hundred dollars. I also change my will in regard to the part going to my grandson JESSE L. YANCEY. My will is that only one half of the note owing by him to SQUIRE and WM. HENRY YANCEY be taken out os his part of my estate and that paid to my son WM. HENRY YANCEY.

In testimony where I have hereunto set my hand this 13th day of November 1874.


The will was filed and proved the 15th day of August 1888 in the court of Howard County, MO.

Judge of Probate, THOS. R. BETTY