Video/Audio Recordings
 of Members of the Yancey/Yancy Family

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Videos in this first section are more related to items of interest to family researchers
i.e. Personal Interviews, accounts of life events, family /personal history type  
* In some cases these are transcripts of audio interviews.
+ In some cases the actual interview is not available online

DBid   Name Description and link
    Bessie Yancey + Bessie Yancey Interview
    Clel L Yancey + World War II
    Clyde Yancy Life and Times of a Leading Cardiologist
    Cole Yancey Mormon Missionary to Brazil
    Dorothy Yancey My Life History
    Elzine Yancy Interview of a 90 year old
    Eric Yancy Alumni Merit Award  (makng the world a better place)
Gene & Flo Yancey Daughter killed in 9/11
James  YanceyHurricane Katrina
    James & Ozener Yancey Brooklyn New York Interview
    John Yancey * Korean War Vet
    Maureen Yancey Rebirth of Detroit
    Mike Young Yancey Son of a Confederate Veteran
    Nicole Yancey Holocaust Interview    (Yancey by marriage)
    Philip Yancey His Story [ Part 1]   [ Part 2]   [ Part 3 ]    [ Part 4 ]
    Robert H Yancey Last of the Buffalo Soldiers
    Samuel Yancey + World War II Vet
    Tezz Yancey Tezz Yancey - Life Story


Other Videos of other topics and general or varied  interest

DBid   Name Description and link
    Albert Yancey Albert Yancey convicted murderer
    Antronette Yancey Antronette Yancey Here and Now
    Arch Yancey You're not here anymore
    Audie Yancey Illegal Aliens
    Celia Yancey Making music for money
    Charles Yancey Boston City Councilor  Interview
    David Yancey Virginia Transportaton
    Eric Yancy Awsome God
    George Yancey Anti Christin Bias in Academia
    Hubert Dean Yancey I remember John John
    Janeal Yancey Meat Science
    Laurel Yancey Attorney
    Lee Yancey Fiscal Conservative
    Mark Yancey Soccer - "La Muerte o Gloria"
    Rev. Marvin Yancy Thank You
    Rex Yancey Dr Rex Yancey
    Rick Yancey Meet the Author
    Sandra Yancey e-woman network
    Saundra Yancy McGuire Building Great Professional Relationships
    Scott Yancey Flipping Vegas
    Vicki Yancey 9/11 victim
    William Lowndes Yancey William Lowndes Yancey
    Yancey Family Praise and Worship