Glenna Helickson:   Hassell and Mary Vargason moved to Aberdeen, Idaho in March of 1943, and in April of 1948, Hassell was appointed Chief of Police for the City of Aberdeen, serving in that capacity for over 28 years, retiring in February of 1975 because of health.  He severved under 6 mayors in Aberdeen and was Deputy Sheriff for 25 years.

Hassell took a keen interest in community affairs and in addition to his work as Police Chief, he was a member of the Boots and Saddle Club for 21 years and organized the Aberdeen Club.  He served as Idaho State Riding Association President.  Under his direction the club took many awards and honors until it was disbanded in 1970,  In September 1978 he organized a reunion for club members. (Most of the trophies and awards are in specially built cases at the Aberdeen Senior Citizens Center.)

Active in the Aberdeen Senior Citizens, serving as president; he also was a member of the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees and Sportsman Association, also a member of the Old Time Fiddlers Group, serving as State President and three years as district chairman.  For some years he organized a benefit for the Special Education classes for the Aberdeen School District.

Prior to coming to Idaho, Hassell was an auctioneer in Nebraska and he continued this until 1948.  He also drove a school bus for 15 years.

Mary and Hassell were married November 1, 1935 in Bassett, Nebraska.  Mary was an avid supporter of Hassell in all his activities and was an excellent cook.

Hassell was active in both the Senior Citizens and the A.A.R.P. group, he served as President of these organizations for two years and was instrumental in getting the Senior Citizens Center started.  He, along with other men of the community spent many hours negotiating with city and county officials for the funding of the building.  After the building was purchased there was much to be done ---cleaning, remodeling and furnishing the facility.  Many area residents donated money and labor to complete the project.

Hassell and Mary bought and donated the chairs for the eating area, also some tables.  The Aberdeen Senior Center had a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 5, 1977.

Shortly after this time Hassell and Mary's health deterioriated and Hassell became blind.  On January 2, 1979, Hassell passed away and early the next day on January 3, Marry followed him in death-----  the funeral was held jointly for Hassell and Mary at the Mennonite Church in Aberdeen. 

Steve Stoker:   Hassell Vargason <1914-1979> was the local constabulary for many years. He was usually the only town cop, but I remember that as I got older, he got help from a deputy, Louis Moncur (one of the few men in town physically larger than Hassell - we kids used to say we had Idaho's "biggest" police force).

Louie Moncur and his wife owned and operated a small convenience store called the Home Market, located near the present site of the Spud Bowl. Later, they also added a laundromat next to the store.

Hassell was, I think, the cornerstone of the Aberdeen Boots & Saddle Club and one of the main organizers of the annual rodeo (Do they still have that???)

Hassell's wife, Mary <1912-1979>, and her twin sister, Cora, ran "Mary's Circle M Cafe" which was across the street from the Spud Bowl and next to The Aberdeen Times office. It was a nice place to enjoy a plate of breakfast and catch up on local gossip and news.

I do not know much else about him, except to say that Hassell was one of the good guys, and was quite adept at handling those problems that came up. He was even-tempered, and a peacemaker. In my opinion, the perfect policeman for Aberdeen.