The Vanishing Virginian (Warner Archive)

The Vanishing Virginian - the (1942) Movie
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The Vanishing Virginian

The Book and Movie based on the life of Robert Davis Yancey

MGM 1941

Producer: Edwin H. Knopf
Director: Frank Borzage
Screenplay: Jan Fortune (based on the novel by Rebecca Yancey Williams)
Musical Score: Dave Snell
Song Score: various
Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, William Ferrari
Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis
Gowns: Kalloch
Men's Costumes: Gile Steele
Sound: Douglas Shearer
Cinematography: Charles Lawton
Film Editing: James E. Newcom

This is a warm, humorous and sentimental film, based on Rebecca Yancy Williams' memoir of her family in small-town Virginia, circa 1905-1929. The essence of the story is centered on her father, Colonel Bob, and his life long public service. The film also lightly and humorously delves into the issues of the time, i.e. prohibition and women's suffrage. What makes this film a winner for me, is the fine acting of Frank Morgan as Colonel Robert Yancy, and Spring Byington as his wife. Well directed by Frank Borzage, and with MGM topnotch production values, it's worth a look, if sentimental films appeal to you.

Clips from the Movie

"Steal Away - remembering Josh"

"The World was made for you"

Photos from the film



Actors in the film

Actors in the movie:
(Note Frank Morgan was the wizard in the "Wizard of Oz)

Frank Morgan
Robert Yancey

Kathryn Grayson
Rebecca Yancey

Spring Byington
Rosa Yancey

Natalie Thompson
Margaret Yancey

Johnny Mitchell
James Weldon 'Shirley

Mark Daniels
Jack Holden

Elizabeth Patterson
Grandma Yancey

Juanita Quigley
Caroline Yancey

Scotty Beckett
Joel Yancey

Dickie Jones
Robert Yancey Jr.

Leigh Whipper
Uncle Josh Preston

Louise Beavers
Aunt Emmeline Preston

J.M. Kerrigan
John William Phelps, Blacksmith

Harlan Briggs
Mr. James Thomas Rogard

Katharine Alexander
Marcia Marshall Templeton

Erville Alderson
Judge Fred Stuart

Myrtle Anderson
Yancey's 1929 Second Maid

Hooper Atchley

Clarence Badger Jr.
Soloist - 'Bill Bailey' number

William Bailey
Extra in Courtroom

Charles Bates
Yancey's Grandson

Barbara Bedford
Mildred Simpson

Lee Bennett
Joel, as an Adult

Helen Blizzard
Robert Sr.'s Wife

Lee Brache
Edith Brown

Arie Lee Branche
Edith Brown

Margaret Campbell
Yancey's Granddaughter

Phyllis Cook
Soloist - 'Bill Bailey' number

Keith Copland

Cliff Danielson
Robert, as an Adult

Cleo Desmond
Aunt Mandy Brown

Dudley Dickerson

Rex Downing

Francis Ford
Campaign Committee Member

William Forrest
William Harrison Jordon, Assistant Proscecuting Attorney

Gibson Gowland
Onlooker in 1929 Crowd

Alfred Grant
Jefferson Brown

Jester Hairston

Eddie Hall
Newspaper Delivery Man

Edward Hearn

Howard C. Hickman
Dr. Edwards

Lois Hodnott
'Steal Away' Number Soloist

Clifford Holland
'Steal Away' Number Soloist

Dolores Hurlic
Sugar Preston

George Irving
Roger Payson

Anelle McCarty

Dickie McCoy

Matt Moore
Chas. Inglestadt

Marcella Moreland
Baby Preston

Rita Quigley
Caroline, as an Adult

Clinton Rosemond
Black Minister