Yancys of
St Mary's & St Helena Parish, Louisiana

St Mary's Parish Census Records


1850 Census
John Yancey (white) age 40, Carpenter, born in Virginia
Catherine Yancy, age 22,. born in Louisiana
recorded as having 6 slaves.

1860 Census
Have yet to find the above John on the 1860 census. (died by then?)

1870 Census
The first census after the Civil War and Emancipation

Robert Yancy (black), age 39, born in Virginia, farm laborer (living single) along with:
Joseph Williams, age 40, also black, also farm laborer.

 1880 Census
(black families)
one wonders if these are former slaves of the John Yancey above.

Anderson Yancey, age 40, Laborer, born in Louisiana
Elsie Yancey, age 40, born in Louisiana
Eliza Yancey, age 17, born in Louisiana
William Yancey, age 9, born in Louisiana

Robert Yancy, age 49, Laborer, born in Virginia
Mansi Yancy, age 35, born in Kentucky
Fanny Yancy, age 16, born in Louisiana
Dangerfield Yancy, age 14, born in Louisiana
Rogers Yancy, age 12, born in Louisiana
MaryYancy, age 8, born in Louisiana
Catherine Yancy, age 4, born in Lousiana
Joseph Yancy, age 1, born in Louisiana


Marriage Records
[ all the below are thought to be African American]

Dangerfield Yancy - Diana Johnson  - 2 Jan 1880
Anderson Yancy - Elsie McCullen - 29 Jan 1880
Celestine Yancy - Mathew James - 18 Sep 1899
Frozine Yancy - John Moss  - Jan 1886
John Yancy - Sylvie Butler - 26 Jan 1886
Lucinda Yancy - Alexander Johnston - 19 Aug 1872
Malvin Yancy - Nancy Kelley - 15 Feb 1868
Victorie Yancy - Joseph Wilson 31 Jul 1872

St Helena Parish Yancys

There is a Robert E Yancy born about 1894 who married one Effie Gordon
 and resided in St Helena Parish, Louisiana where he raised a large family.
There is a record of a Robert Yancy marrying a lady by the name of Lucrecia Johnson 2 Jan 1893 in St Helena's Parish.
It is thought this Robert E. Yancey who married Lucrecia is the same Robert (bn 1831) above with a prior wife and children living in St Marys Parish.
Robert E. Yancey who married Effie Gordon is thought to be a son of Robert and his 2nd wife Lucrecia.

Below is a photo of his wife Effie Gordon Yancy of St Helena's Parish
and below that a photo of her nine children.

Effie G Yancy
more info about Effie G Yancy
Known by her family as "Gramma Ste" -  Effie Jane Gordon Yancy was the daughter of a slave, Isaac (Ike) Gordon.  She had some college education herself (Leland College in Baker, LA -- one of the first Black private colleges in the nation.  She was a teacher in Greensburg, LA.  She was determined that all of her nine children would go to college, and they all did! And seven of them got advanced degrees.  Among her descendants are  various University Faculty and Doctors.




Below - 1900 census of St Helena Parish, Louisiana
Effie Gordon, age 10 with her parents (Ike & Malissa Gordon & brother Sam).    Effie is recorded as "At School"



See Robert's Findagrave Memorial  - that links to the memorials of his children and extended family
 - many of which have obituaries incldued.


Left to Right:   Vivian Yancy Smith; Toretha Yancy; Robert E. Yancy, Jr., Lester B. Yancy; Clyde Yancy, Sr.; Audrey Yancy Harrison; Gordon Yancy; Floyd Yancy; and Dillon Yancy. 

The 1930 census entry below for Robert & Effie & Family - note the son named Howard was later in life known as "Gordon".


World War I  and World War II Draft Registration Card





Some descendants of this Yancy branch on YOUTUBE

Clyde W. Yancy

Saundra Yancy McGuire



Eric A. Yancy

Annette L. Yancy

Silvia Yancy Davis

Brigetta D Yancy

Milan S Yancy