information here obtained from Yancey Tovar -


Transcription of notes in “The Yancey Family Bible and Record, From 1807”, made March 23, 1999 by Ann Lee Woodward Hood (typing) and Rebecca Sue Hood Jones (reading).  Annotations are Ann’s.


Heading:  March 25, 1868



Stith G. Yancey was born March the 15th l807

Malvina D. Lydick was born July the 24th 1809

William A. O. Yancey was born March the 13th 1836

Augusta S.Yancey was born Jule the 3rd 1842

Isabella S. Yancey was born October the 15th 1844

Mary Ann Yancey was born November the 16th 1846

Bettie Harriet Yancey was born March the 30th 1851

Margarett B. (R.?) Blount was born September the 25th 1836

Ida Everleen Yancey was born September the 22nd 1859.

She’s the crazy lady who made the beautiful hats (a shoppe down on Grace St.) , probably made the quilt pieces we have; sold parsley., which she delivered by bus, to restaurants downtown, laid concrete walk, etc. also painted the picture of Mount Pleasant.  A gifted, energetic, and as I remember, strange lady.  Early 30’s made hats for dance studios.  Another story is that hearing a noise outside (someone in the chicken house?) she raised the window by her son’s bed, and fired (shotgun?)  He had convulsions and died. [She lived on Semmes Avenue – AWH comment 7/22/01]

Grace Lurene Yancey was born January the 26th 1861

Clement Lee Yancey was born May the 15th  1862

Alice Gardner Yancey was born March the 7th 1869

Harry C. Vaiden Son of Ida E. Yancey who married Mr. Vaiden was born Sept 23 1889

 (changed to 1888)

Mary Y. Vaiden sister to H. C. Vaiden was born Oct 14th 1889


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Stith G. Yancey and Malvina D. Lydick was married November the 9th  l834

Stith G. Yancey and Margarett R. Blount was married November the 7th 1858

Augusta S. Yancey was married to Col. William Leftwich September the 3rd 1867

Isabella S. Yancey was married to Thomas A. Conklin March the 2nd 1865

Bettie Harriet Yancey was married to E. P. Wilkinson  June 10th (after corrections:)1875

Ida E. Yancey was married to J. H. Vaden Dec. 22nd 1887

Clement L. Yancey was married to Hinda Robins October 23 1889

Alice G. Yancey was  married to P. B.Johnson Dec 19, 1895

(They called him Pemp, probably Pemberton)

Hinda Robins Yancey was married to E. Wills Woodward Feby 23rd  1918

Clement Lee Yancey, Jr. was married to Miss Preston Walsh Aug 22 1925



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(top of page above heading: Bettie Harriett Wilkinson departed this life in July, 1897.

Zachariah Yancey departed this life December the 25th  l852

Mary H. Lydick departed this life April the 17th 1857

Mrs. Margerette Blunt departed this life June 23  1886

Mary M. Conklin departed this life April 27th, 1887 (changed to April 28th, 1889)

S. G. Yancey departed this life January 28th 1891

Walter Flournoy Yancey departed this life June 13- 1903.  Son of Clement and Hinda Yancey

W. A. O. Yancey departed this life February the 8th 1857

Malvina D. Yancey departed this life August the 31st 1857

Mary Ann Yancey departed this life January the 6th 1865

Isabella S (wiped out)

Grace S. Yancey departed this life September the 25th 1875

Margarette R. Yancey departed this life May the 27th 1882

Augusta S. Leftwich, wife of Col. W. W. Leftwich, died June 8, 1917


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Evaline Bell Leftwich was born April the 16th  1869

Belle Leftwich (called Cousin Belle) was from Memphis, came to visit Grandma Yancey in my memory.  I think it was in her home that Grandma stayed when she went to school in Memphis.  Childhood memory of conversation – questionable accuracy.

Thomas A. Conklin was born Nov the 26th 1865 (changed to Nov the 25th)

Mary M. Conklin was born January the 7th  1867

Eugene Y. Conklin was born September the 21st l877/8

Hinda Robins Yancey was born Nov 12th l896. Daughter of Clement and Hinda Yancey.

Augusta Louise Johnson, daughter of P.B. and Alice Johnson was born Nov 5th 1896

Clement Lee Yancey, Jr. was born Feby 11- 1901.  Son of Clement and Hinda Yancey

Walter Flournoy Yancey was born Feby 11th 1903.  Son of Clement and Hinda Yancey

E. Wills Woodward, Jr.was born Feby 12th 1920.  Son of E. Wills and Hinda Yancey  Woodward

Ann Lee Woodward was born Jany 27th 1925 Daughter of Hinda Yancey Woodward

Clyde Campbell Yancey was born May 15 –1926.  Son of Clement Lee Yancey, Jr.

Robert Stewart Yancey was born Feby 4th 1933  Son of Clement Lee Yancey, Jr.