By Dennis J Yancey -

Over the past 15 years or so I have scoured through many thousands of sources looking for Yancey Family information. I have extracted from many hundreds of sources information into a computer database now consisting of over 10,000 Yancey family members (from earliest times until the present day). In entering Yanceys into my computer database I have always been careful to record the sources of my information. The following file ("Master List of Sources Referenced") contains a list of all those sources, whether in form of book, manuscript, correspondence, email, cd-rom, or internet resource which were used in creating the Yancey Family Genealogical Database. You will note that each source is given a four letter reference code and that the list is ordered by this four letter code. In many of the Family Charts I have created (examples: The Descendants of Charles Yancey & The Descendants of Lewis Davis Yancey) - I refer to the sources by these four-letter codes, sometimes followed by a number representing the page number. Please note that in most cases the first letter of the Code is also the first letter of the full title of the source. On the following pages you will see each resource with its code, the full title, the author, the year of publication, and what is called the OCLC number. The OCLC number is used in identifying an entry in a World-Wide Database used by Libraries throughout the world. When requesting a book on loan (or copies of pages from a book) through the Inter-Library Loan Department of a local library - they access a database called OCLC and request resources from other libraries using these OCLC numbers. Many of these sources, or at least copies of pages from them, you may be able to get through the services of your local library's Inter Library Loan Department. It can be a wonderful resource for someone who does not have close access to an extensive genealogical collection but does have access to a 1ocal public library.

Master list of Sources Referenced