RLDS Church Records - Johnson County, Illinois
Transcribed by Geraldine (Smith) Richardson

The following is a list of people found in the RLDS Church records who were either SMITH’s or related to them in the Tunnel Hill, Johnson Co. Illinois Branch of the church during the 1860's and later. All of the information did not come from the church records as I have filled them in as I have gone along in my research.

Also many of the women listed may not have been SMITH’s originally but were already married when they were baptized so that their maiden names were not listed. The date to the left of each name is the year of birth if available.

1793 Mahala Yancey Smith b. 1 May 1793 Knoxville, Knox Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS May 1870 age 77 by B. H. Ballow, at Tunnel Hill, Illinois. Married, Joseph Smith (no date or place known at present) Died, 14 May 1886, age 93 years. (Not recorded in Johnson Co.)

1817 Matilda L. Smith, b. 4 Aug. 1817 Montgomery Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS Feb. 1862 age 45 by William H. Kelley. Died, 27 Aug. 1886, age 69.

1826 Joseph W. Smith, b. 8 Jan 1826 Montogmery Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS 26 Dec. 1874 by George Hilliard, and confirmed by Morris at Tunnel Hill. Suspended 31 Dec. 1881 at Tunnel Hill, no reason given. father Joseph Smith, mother, Mahala Yancey.

1829 Richard Yancey Smith b. 4 Oct. 1829, Fayette Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS Feb. 1862 by Willliam H. Kelley at age 33. Ordained Teacher, 13 Aug. 1876 by George Hilliard and Thomas A. Webb, at Tunnel Hill age 47. Married Mary Ann Bowen. Moved to Independence, Missouri 3 Feb. 1913 age 84. Died 7 Sept. 1919 at Tunnel Hill, Johnson Co. Illinois. Buried 8 Sept. 1919. Father, Joseph Smith, Mother, Mahala Yancey.

1830 Isaac C. Smith, b. 11 Oct. 1830, Williamson Co. Illinois. Baptized, RLDS 21 Nov. 1878 age 48 by George Hilliard and Thomas Webb. Died, 30 May 1911, age 81.

1832 Margary S. Smith, b. 8 Jan. 1832, Robinson Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS Feb. 1862, age 30. (Death not recorded in Johnson Co. Courthouse)

1832 Mary Ann Bowen Smith, b. 22 May 1832, Cannon Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS, 26 Dec. 1874, age 42 by George Hilliard and _____ Morris. Married, Richard Yancey Smith (no record found yet) Died, 15 Sept. 1875 age 43. Father, Charles Bowen.

1837 Robert A. Smith, b. 25 Mar. 1837, Montgomery Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS 25 Aug. 1875, age 38 by George Hilliard. Died 26 Jan. 1900, age 63. Wife Nancy age 19 in 1860 census one son Richard age 1 yr. In 1860).

1843 John F. Smith b. 23 Sept. 1843, Gibson Co. Tennessee. Baptized RLDS 25 Aug. 1875, age 32 by George H. Hilliard and Thomas. Ordained, Elder, 13 Aug. 1876 by Hilliard and Thomas. Expelled, 13, Dec. 1884, at Tunnel Hill, no reason recorded.

1850 Pauline A. Smith Warner, b. 13 Feb. 1850, Johnson Co. Illlinois. Baptized RLDS 25 aug. 1875, age 25 by George Hilliard at Tunnel Hill, Illinois. Married, ----- Warner.

1853 Isaac Monroe Smith, b. 23 May 1853 Johnson Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS, 26 Dec. 1874, age 21 by George Hilliard. Confirmed by I. A. Morris and Hilliard at Tunnel Hill, Illinois. Married, 1) Malinda M. Kelley 2 ) Alice Puckett Shaw 3) Clara McPhee, 13 May 1909 Ordained Elder, 25 Nov. 1878 by G. H. Hilliard and E. Webb at Tunnel Hill. Moved to Brush Creek, Wayne Co. Illinois 2 Sept. 1888. Ordained, Seventy, 10 June 1888 at Brush Creek, Wayne co. Illinois by J. W. Gillen and G. H. Hilliard. Ordained, High Priest and Patriarch, 15 Apr. 1914 at Independence, Missouri by F. a. Smith and Peter Anderson. Moved from Brush Creek, Illinois to Independence, Mo. 15 July 1903. Moved from Independence to Warrensburg, Missouri, 3 Sept. 1907. Superannuated, 18 Apr. 1927 back to High Priest. Reinstated in Evangelical order 12 Apr. 1932 at Independence Mo. By general Conference action. Died 19 Jan. 1952, Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri. Father, Richard Yancey Smith Mother Mary Ann Bowen. There is considerably more on Isaac included in his autobiography titled Leaves From Life. He was a missionary for the RLDS Church.

1853 Amanda M. Smith Burklow, b. 30 Jan. 1853, Johnson Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS, 25 Alug. 1875, age 20 by G. H. Hilliard at Tunnell Hill, Illinois. Married _____ Burklow.

1855 Nancy Smith McHugh Webb, b. 13 Jan. 1855 Johnson Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS, 25 Aug. 1875, age 20, by G. H. Hilliard. Married 1)---- McHugh or--- McCue, July 1874??? 2) L. Columbus Webb, 14 Oct. 1905. Died January 1908, age 53. Father Richard Yancey Smth, Mother Mary Ann Bowen.

1855 Martha A. Smith, b. 7 Apr 1855, Brookport, Massac Co. Illinois.

1857 Thomas Nelson Smith, b. 20 Mar 1857 Johnson Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS 27 Dec 1874, age 17 by Isaac A. Morris and G. H. Hilliard at Tunnel Hill. Orcaied, Deacon, 26 Nov. 1890 by Hilliard, Webb and J. C. Kelley at Tunnel Hill, Johnson Co. Illinois. Ordained, Priest, 12 Feb. 1898 by F. M. Slover, W. A. Kelley and W. R. Smith. (This is my great grandfather. F.M. Slover is my great grand-father on my father’s side and the W. R. Smith was Tom’s younger brother). Ordained, Elder 19 Feb. 1905. Moved to Joplin, Missouri 21 Feb. 1907 to the Spring River Branch RLDS Lived in Holdenville and Wetumka, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Moved to Independence, Missouir 13 Nov. 1907. Married, Amanda Melvina Bradley 21 Feb. 1878 at Tunnel Hill, Illinois. Married, Lucetta S. McHenry 22 Feb. 1922 at Independence, Missouri. Died July 1936, Miami, Ottawa Co. Oklahoma. Father Richard Yancey Smith, Mother Mary Ann Bowen.

1857 Pauline C. Smith, b. 1 Mar. 1857, Johnson Co. Illinois. Baptized RLDS 30 Oct. 1877 age 20, by G. H. Hilliard. Expelled, 28 May 1898, no reason recorded. Married, Irving and or Wright. Father Richard Yancey Smith, mother Mary Ann Bowen.