Sarepta, Calhoun County, Mississippi
Community and Family information
Thanks to Martha H Dickson, Larry Hellums, JesseYancy and others.

Document Collection
        Jesse Yancy Blog items

        Sarepta Contributed Much to Calhoun     

        History of Sarepta by Jesse L Yancy       

        Additonal Sarepta Info

        Martha Hipp Dickson and her Memories of Sarepta

Sarepta Homecoming    Old Program Flyers

        Sarepta Obituaries

        The Hanging of Doc Bishop (by Jesse Yancy)

        The Ballad of Doc Bishop

        "Sarepta was a very Busy Town"
        "Pride for Magnolia"

        The Magnolia Guards of Sarepta - Civil War
        T W Yancy Letter

         "Old Sarepta School"     more school info

        "Sarepta School News"

        "Town of Sarepta - Burned Out" - 1915

        Old Sarepta News Items
        Origins of Sarepta Nam

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