Sarah Luella Yancey White


Clarence Everett White and Sarah Luella Yancey White in the 50’s ??


Around 1958 – 1959 Aunt Luella and Uncle Les’s house in Granger, UT
Back: Mary Virginia Lewis White – Vernon Meldon White – Susan White – Bernice Turnbow White –
Forrest Derrald White – Maxine Venice Ward White – Clarence Everett White holding Denise White –
Cleo Luella White Courtland J Leslie Courtland
Front: Dallas Myron White – Gregory White – Michael Everett White – Stephen Yancey White –
Sarah Luella Yancey White holding Terry LeAnn White – Elizabeth Kathleen White
Kneeling in Front Clarence Myron White
Family’s by person
Clarence & Sarah (Yancey) White
1. Cleo Luella (White) Courtland & J Leslie Courtland
2. Clarence Myron White & Bernice (Turnbow) White
    1. Dallas Myron White
    2. Michael Everett White
    3. Stephen Yancey White
    4. Terry LeAnn White
    5. Denise White
3. Forest Derrald White & Maxine Venice (Ward) White
    1. Susan Maxine White
    2. Gregory White
    3. Elizabeth Kathleen White
4. Vernon Meldon White & Mary Virginia (Lewis) White


Vernon Meldon White Jackson Hole, WY mid 40’s



Taken at Grandma & Grandpa Whites house in Tabiona, Utah about 1944 - 45. My Mom Maxine was teaching school in Tabiona at the time,.  Forrest Derrald White – Maxine (Ward) White – Clarence Everett White – Sarah Luella (Yancey) White and Clarence Myron White


Clarence Everett White holding Cleo Luella White with Sarah Luella Yancey White peeking out from behind.

1927 Maywood CA Sarah Luella Yancey White - Clarence Myron White – Forrest Derrald White & Cleo Luella White



Standing left to right:

Sara Luella (Yancey) White – Clarence Everett White – Vernon Meldon White – Forrest Derrald
White – Cleo Luella (White) Courtland - Kneeling Clarence Myron White. Picture taken about 1962-
63 in Bountiful UT at Mother (Maxine) & Dads (Derrald) house in the back yard.

Sarah Luella Yancey White taking a ride in a row boat at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, UT when she and Grandpa were dating and she was going to LDS Business College, 1923


Sarah Luella Yancey White – Taken 1961 in Tabiona, UT in the back yard of her house / and the store


Sarah Luella Yancey White and Vernon Meldon White. Tabiona, UT taken in front of Whites Mercantile and Grandpa Clarence Whites truck around 1937-38. Vernon was born June 10th 1936.


Norine White, Al Pickery and Sarah Luella Yancey at the time she was dating Clarence E White.  Norine was Grandpas sister. 1923




Sarah Luella Yancey White standing in front of the Lilac bush at the side of the house and their Store in Tabiona, UT. She always had a new car, usually turquoise which was one of her favorite colors.