Robert Davis Yancey
Class of 1875 - VMI - Virginia Military Institute

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Photo above from:   Men of mark in Virginia: ideals of American life;


Photographs thanks to Elizabeth Bunting!

Marriage Photo of Rosa  & Robert Davis Yancey (she was 16 and he was 37 )

Robert & Rosa in their older years.

"Aunt" Nancy with one of the children
Anecdotal information about Uncle Jake & Aunt Nancy
(the exact identity of Jake & Nancy - outside of the family story - is unclear
There is a Jacob & Nancy Ross on the 1880 census of Bedford County, Virginia.
Whether this is the same Jake & Nancy is uncertain.
Whether they descend from slaves once held by the Yancey Family is also uncertain.

Excerpts from the movie "TheVanishing Virginian" 

(in the movie certain names were changed - such as the name of Jake to Joshua).


A photo of the original Rothsay - where Joel Yancey and son William Tudor Yanxcey lived.
The house burned down in 1912 - and was replaced with another structure also called "Rothsay"



Robert Davis Yancey Jr.

Rebecca Yancey Williams
More information

Caroline Anthony Yancey



William Joel Tudor Yancey
with son Joel Alexander Yancey
and grandson William F. Yancey