Family Bible Records of Prominent People

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Many links contain actual images of family registers, some contain transcriptions,
others contain  photos of the person with the bible. Some are family bible, others are inaugural bibles.

Alden, John
Anthony, Susan B family
Biden, Pres. Joe
Boone, Daniel

Bradwford, William
Brewster, William
Bush, Pres. George
Carter, Pres. Jimmy
Clay, Henry
Cleveland, Pres. Grover
Clinton, Pres. William J
Coolidge, Pres. Calvin
Cromwell, Oliver
Douglas, Frederick

Edison, Thomas Alva
Eddy, Mary Baker
Eisenhower, Pres. David D
Faraday, Michael
Fillmore, Pres. Millard
Firestone Family
Ford, Pres. Gerald
Franklin, Benjamin
Freud Family Bible
Grant, Pres. Ulysses S
Harding, Pres. Warren
Houdini, Harry & Father
Houston, Sam
Ingalls, Charles
James, Jesse Family
Jefferson, Pres. Thomas
Jackson, Pres. Andrew
Johnson, Pres. Andrew
Johnson, Pres. Lynndon B.
Keller, Helen
Kennedy/Fitzgerald Family Bible
Kempthome, Dirk
Kimball, Andrew
King, Martin Luther
Lee, Robert E.
Lincoln, Pres. Abraham
Madison, Pres. James
Marshall, John
 Milton, John
Nat Turner
Nixon, Pres. Richard
Obama, Pres. Barak/Michelle Robinson
Parks, Rosa
Polk Family Bible
Poe Family Bible
Presley Elvis
Reagan, Pres. Ronald
Revere, Paul
Roosevelt,  Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt
Ross, Betsy
Smith, Asael
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Hyrum
Stowe, Family Bible
Truman, Pres. Harry
Trump, Pres. Donald
VanBuren, Pres. Martin
Washington,  Pres. George
Willburforce, William
Wilson, Pres. Woodrow

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