Estate of Stephen Yancey Deceased

Louisa Co., VA Will Book 3, pp. 521-4 and 538-9


page 521
Estate of Stephen Yancey Deceased
                                                                                                                   L.  S.  D.
Jany 18 To paid John Gardner who intermarried with Ann Yancey, Legatee 44.18.14
March   8 to paid Wm. Hughs proven Acct 30/                                                         1.10.
March 31  To paid Augustus Yancey Legatee to paid  in 1785, 1786 & 1787        57.5.
               To a ... at the suit of Timberlake                                                               .5.-
               To a ... re Yanceys Trustee  337 lb of Tobc                                              2.2.1
                                                                                                                           106.1. 1
                To Augustus Yancey as per account                                                       2.8.
                 .... brought from the other side                                                              7.7.3
                 To Balance due the Estate                                                                    62.10.4
                                                                                                                             199. 6.8
Feb 9th By 2 hogshead of nett Tobc 2310 lb 25/                                                       28.11.6
Feb 23  By 4 hogshead of Tobc of John Lea 477:1186:156:1032:
           460:1250:150:1100 Rockets
           1435:948:112:836 pages
            ID 889, 1212,128,1084 Rockets 18/ 3241 lb.                                              36.9.
Oct 27   By John Lea            53/                                                                                   2.13.
June 2  By Ro Yancey for John Lea          2/                                                                   -.2.
           by Cash of John Lea                                                                                        8.4.
           Amount of Bonds recd and brought forward                                                  ________
Pursuant to an order of the worshipful Court of Louisa to us directed we have examined the above acct & find a balance of sixty two pounds 10 shillings & four pence l/4 due from Charles Yancey to the Estate of Stephen Yancey
Aaron Fountain, Wm. Thomson, Henry Garrett, Ino Poindexter
At a Court held for Louisa County on the 10th day of June 1793 This settlement and report was this day in open Court returned and by the Court the same is ordered to be Recorded.

Note. there is a memorandum of Credits on the Back of the above Settlement in these words.
1786   The Estate of Stephen Yancey Decd.
March   By cash recd of Geo. Thomson                                                                         12.10.
          By sundry Bonds due the estate to wit on D... & Norman                                  4.9.
          On Wm Tree                5.19.7                     On Philips & Bradley                    17.15.2                                                   
          On Wm            15.15.6                     On Tree & Smith                            2.11.4
          On John Carpenter      4.14.8                     On Richard Par...                         15.0.6        
page 522
on ... pd                                               42.  0.6          on Ann Yancey                       7.  0.  0.                                                                                                                 
on John Yancey                                    9.75.0          on Norman & Duken                5.19.0.
To what Augustin Yancey rcd. of his     6.16.2        Int. on D... & Norman bond     11.  1   

Division of the Estate of Stephen Yancey Decd. An Account with Garrett Minor
To John Duke as per acct.                                                                                          1.3
To ...Thomas Johnson for Taxes                                                                                 4.3.6
To Asa Thomson for certificate Ditto                                                                           3.4.
To James Beadles as per Acct.                                                                                    -.4-
To Geo Lumsden Admn. of Jno Wash as per Bond                                                      6.15.5
To Bartholomew per Acct.                                                                                    2.9-
To Thomas....                            Ditto                                                                             -3.-
To Capt. Charles Yancey         Ditto                                                                            4.9.10
To.... Thomason                        Ditto                                                                              -7.9
To James.....                              Ditto                                                                            1.1.1
To Jane Yancey                        Ditto                                                                            3.11.-
To John.....                                 Ditto                                                                            2.--
To John Carpenter                     Ditto                                                                            3.4.-
To Elizabeth ...                           Ditto                                                                            2.--
To Thomas Gooch                       Ditto                                                                            4.5.11
To Geo. Breckinridge on part of a Bond                                                                          2.16.-
To Chas. Thomposon ... of sd. Bond                                                                               6.19.-
To John Timberlake several orders in favor of William ...                                              64.16.7
To Nathaniel W.                                                                                                18.14.1
To John Cosby                             Ditto                                                                           -  .15.-
To William Cole                            Ditto                                                                            1.9.-
To John Yancey as Guardian                                                                                       13.12.11
To---------------------------------as    Ditto                                                                          11.4.4

Nov. 27, 1787
To Thomas Bond as Guardian
To John Gardner
To. Capt. Yancey Geo. Thomasons Bond                                                                      12.10,-
To sundry bonds delivered Capt. Yancey amounting to                                                84.9.6

April 14, 1788
To interest on the said bonds till March 1788                                                               14 .18.2
To...James Beadles a Bond due Lewis Yancey                                                            10.--
May 25 - To ..the Clerk of Louisa the Tax on a writ Smith & McGehee                          10.--
                                                 Ditto Dickenson & Sn...

page 523
June  To paid Thomas Bond                                                                                            3.18.-
Oct. 10   To paid the widow on part of her proportion of the estate                         40.--

Apr 22 To pd. the Clerk of Louisa 227 Tob.c                                                                   1.8.4
May 13  To paid Thos. Bond as Guardian                                                                      1.0.2
Aug. 20  To pd. Int. Thompson Adm. of Lewis Yancey                                                24.7.6
           To pd. Wm. Hughs &....White Com.                                                                   -8.-
           To   pd. Wm Timberlake order in favor of ..Bibb                                                3.17.3
                                                                                                   (Pound sign)       372.19.11

March 9  By William White for sundrees purchases                                                       1.2.10
           By Matthew Thompson              Ditto                                                                - 18.6
           By William Whitlock                    Ditto                                                               1.4.6
           By William Poindexter                Ditto                                                                - 6.-
           By Jno McGehee                         Ditto                                                                -.6.-
           By James Daniel                         Ditto                                                                1.12.1
           By Elizabeth Sansom                 Ditto                                                                 -.4.-
           By James Beadles                      Ditto                                                                 -6.-
           By Jos....                                    Ditto                                                                 3.-.3
           By Barnard Dickenson                Ditto                                                             121.2.3
           By William ...                               Ditto                                                               16.9.9
           By Jno. Edwards                         Ditto                                                                 -.12.6
           By Thos. Almond                         Ditto                                                               -. 9.6
           By Geo. Thomason                      Ditto                                                               12.10.-
           By Jno Carpenter                        Ditto                                                               54.16.3
           By Wm. McGehee                        Ditto                                                                  -.2.6
           By Enos Tate                               Ditto                                                                  -.-.6
           By .......Warren                            Ditto                                                                 -.5.2
           By Jane Yancey                        Ditto                                                                 2.10.-
           By Ann Yancey                         Ditto                                                                 7.--
           By Jos. Norman                           Ditto                                                                 5.19.-
           By William Corby                         Ditto                                                               14.11.-
           By Sidney Harris                          Ditto                                                                 3.17.-
           By Capt. Richard Paulet               Ditto                                                                13.11.6
           By John Tree                               Ditto                                                                  2.7.-
           By Richard Lane                         Ditto                                                             103.--
           By Nathan Smith                         Ditto                                                              213.15.-
           By John Yancey balance of acct                                                                          8.17.6
           By whole amt. of Interest to the 10th of March 1788                                        72.15.2
page 524                                                                                                                         L.  S. D.
Amount brought over both of Debit and Credit
1789                                             Acct of Debit         By the whole amt of Credit brought over
Aug. 20  To pd. Bernard D.....       379.17.11                                                                 674.4.3
Feb  9   To pd Capt Yancey            28.17.6                  By whole amt of Int  
    27  To pd Thos Bond                46.12.8           Recd since the 10th Mar '88              13.18.5
Mar  8   To pd Frank Walker               1. 1. -             By Smith & McGehee
May  5   To pd In? Thomson               2.12.-            On final settlement
      8   To pd Ditto                          14.14.6          For Clerks, lawyers & Sheriff fees        2.8.0
July 23 To pd. Thos Bond                37.18.-                                                                      _______
          To pd Clerks fees 123 Tot        .15.5                                                                    690.18.6
Jany 21 To pad In? Thompson                 7.9
July 11 To pd Ditto                              3.1.5
Nov 5   To pd Ins. Michie as p. Judgment of Louisa Court vs the Decd.
          To pd the Louisa Sheriff......    -.15.-
          To dickerson & ...
Bond delivered to Capt. Yancey        68.7.
Mar 10 To Richard Lane                     46.0.0
To cash paid Mary Yancey                  45.0.0
To cash paid John Michie ....                 2.7.9
To Balance due Estate                        18.0.8
Pursuant to order of the worshipfull Court of Louisa to us ... we have this day examined the above Acct & find a balance of eighteen pounds & eight pence due from Garrett Minor to the Estate of Stephen Yancey Decd.
John Poindexter, Wm. Thomson, Henry Garrett, A... Fontain
14 May 1793
At a Court held for Louisa County on the 8th day  of July 1793 This Account and report was this day in open Court returned and by the Court the same as ordered to be recorded.

page 538
Know all men by these presents that Charles Yancey & Wm. Thomson are held and firmly Bound Unto John Poindexter, Wm. Phillips, Thomas Smith & John Overton, Gent Justices of the Court of Louisa County sitting in the sum of five thousand pounds to the Reyment whereof will & Truly to be made to the said Justices & their .. bind ourselves & each of us & each of our heirs Executors and Administrators jointly & severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals & this 9th day of Sept in the year of our Lord 1793

page 539
The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Charles Yancey admin with the Will annexed of all the goods chattels and credits of Archs Yancey deceased administered by6 Stephen Yancey his former Executor do make or cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all & singular goods Chattles and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of Charles Yancey or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him and the same so made do Exhibit or cause to be Exhibited into the County Court of Louisa at such time as he shall be thereunto required by the said Court & the same Goods chattels and credits and all other the Goods chattels and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the said Chs. Yancey or into the hands & possession of any other person or person for him do well and truly administer according to law and further do make ....answer of his actings and doings therein what thereto required by the said Court and all thye rest and residue of said Goods Chattels & Credits which shall be found remaining upon the said administrators amount the same being first examined and allowed by the Justices of the Courty for the time being shall deliver and pay Unto such person or persons respectively as the said Justices by their order or judgment shall direct pursuant to the laws in that case made & provided then this obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virgue
Chas Yancey (seal) Wm Thomson (seal
At a Court held for Louisa County on the 9th day of Sept. 1793 This bond was this day in open Court acknowledged by Charles Yancey & Wm. Thomson to be their act & Deed and by the Court ordered to be recorded