DATED: 1808
PROVED: 1808

I, ROBT. YANCEY of Louisa, do make this my last will and testament.

I lend to my father CHAS. YANCEY all my estate, real and personal to be managed by him at his discretion, in order to enable him to pay with more convenience the debts due from ROBT. YANCEY & CO. and from me in my individual capacity. And I give to my father, my watch, my riding horse and my gig and harness.

And whereas the children of CAPTAIN JOSEPH KIMBROUGH, dec, as the representative of their father have some claim on the firm of ROBT. YANCEY & Co., and have also some claim on the said firm under the will of my deceased brother DAVID YANCEY, and have also a claim against me as administrator of their father for the sale of his personal property the whole of which has not been heretofore accounted for by me. In order to remove the inconvenience and trouble of a particular settlement of the several matters above mentioned, I give and bequeath to the said children, and their heirs, to be equally divided among them in lieu and in full satisfaction of all their several claims above mentioned, all the tract of land which I now live called Yanceyville including Chase's tract and containing five hundred and odd acres more or less, with my mill and stills and all other appurtenances in the said land belonging: - But if the title to the part called Chases's tract should prove bad (there being a suit now pending about it) the rest of my estate shall not be bound to make it good. My Woodbury tract of land lying on the S. A. River at the mouth of Fork Creek, I give and devise to be equally divided according to quantity and quality and regard to other conveniences, between my two nephews CHAS. Y. KIMBROUGH and ROBERT L. CRAWFORD to them and their heirs forever. I also give to my said nephews all the stock and plantation utensils belonging to Woodbury, with all the crop of corn, fodder, oats and hay that may be on said plantation, at the time it shall be delivered to them. I also give to my nephew CHAS. Y. KIMBROUGH my blacksmith Moses and his five sons, Thornton, Robin, Moses, Martin and Billy. And to my nephew ROBT. L. CRAWFORD I give my negroes, Matt, Ben, Rachel, and her two sons Bob and George.

But the whole of the property, real and personal just bequeathed to my two nephews, I lend to my Father and Mother, during their lives and the life of the survivor; but my father shall have power to give up to my said nephews and to discharge from the claim of himself and my mother the whole or any part of said property whenever he pleases.

I give to my sister RHODA CRAWFORD my blacksmith Charles and his set of smith's tools.

All the rest of my estate of every kind I desire to be sold by my executor and after the payment of my debts, the residue to be equally divided among the children of my deceased sister ELIZABETH KIMBROUGH and the children of my sister RHODA CRAWFORD except my two nephews CHAS. Y. KIMBROUGH and ROBT. L. CRAWFORD who are to have no share in the residue.

It is my will and desire that my executors raise out of my estate and retain in their hands two hundred dollars, the interest of which they are hereby authorized and requested to apply to the education of poor children in this county, in such manner as they may think best, and when their executorship is closed, the said two hundred dollars shall be put into the hands of such trustees as the Court of Louisa shall appoint, and the interest to be applied by said trustees for the purpose and in the manner above directed, until some public provision shall be made for the education of poor children and then the said principal sum to be added to the public fund -- And I do hereby authorize my executors to arbitrate, compromise, settle and determine all matters of controversy and dispute which now are or may hereafter be, defending in law or equity or otherwise, in which my estate may be interested, in such manner as my executors may think most beneficial for my estate.

I appoint my father CHAS. YANCEY, my brother-in-law WM. CRAWFORD and JOHN EDWARDS and DAVID WATSON executors to this will. Executed this 17th day of April, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight.







Codicil to the foregoing Will

I give old Sarah to CHAS. Y. KIMBROUGH that she may remain with her son Moses as long as she lives. I give to my friend DAVID JOHNSON, my Spanish Ram and Ewe. I give to my friend and relation JOEL YANCEY of Campbell, my silver hilted sword and epaulets. I give to my friend JOHN EDWARDS, Rees' Cyclopedia, when the same shall all be received. The balance of the books left me by my brother DAVID YANCEY, the choice of which I am entitled to, I leave to my brother[-in-law] WM. CRAWFORD, as he has a number of boys and will have the management of the education of CHAS. Y. KIMBROUGH who I wish to be liberally educated and brought up to some liberal profession and who I wish to be equally benefitted with Mr. CRAWFORD'S sons by this donation. To UNITY Y. PENDLETON I give my set of china and tea boards and my silver tea spoons, also my black walnut dining table and half rounds. I desire that my executors will have a locket of common size filled with my hair for sister RHODA CRAWFORD made and given to her, also a suitable mourning ring for each of my nieces that are old enough to take care of them.