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Philip Yancey had died about 1808.

Granville County Court Records: As follows:

Book 7 page 3:

Nov Court, 1808 - Comittee appointed to lay off support for Aggy, widow, and the two children of Philip Yancey, deceased.

Book 7 page 7:

Inventory of estate of Philip Yancey, deceased, Nov court 1808 by John Graves Admstr.

Book 7 page 195-196: Aug. 1811

Current account of estate of Philip Yancey, deceased, by John Graves, admstr., mentions Agnes Yancey, allowance, mentions Sterling and Thornton Jr. Yancey, George G. Yancey, Jechonias Yancey, Tryon Yancey, Thomas Yancey Sr., and others. Paid Agnes Yancey, Joel Yancey in full of their part of estate, to Alfred Yancey his part in estate; mentions York Co., VA collecting bill.

Book 7 pages 200-201: Aug 1811

Alfred and Joel Yancey assume their responsability for any debts coming against the estate of Philip Yancey, now deceased.

Book 7 pages 369-370: Feb 1814

Guardian accounts of William Puryear, guardian of Philip and Rebecca Yancey, orphans of Phlip Yancey, deceased.

Book 7 pages 463-363: Oct. 1813

John Graves of Giles Co., State of Tennessee, appoints Joseph Hart of Granville Co., NC attorney, to take my negroman John into his possession which is now in the hands of William Graves, and to receive for me the legacy due to the youngest child of Philip Yancey, decsd, which is 1/5th part of the estate in hands of William Puryear.

Book 8 page 62-63: Feb 1817

Division of land to Alfred Yancey, Rebecca Yancey, Philip Yancey, Penny Graves, Joel Yancey each 27 acres.

NOTES: Dennis J. Yancey: From the above info, as well as other records, It would appear that Philip Yancey had at least six children: Penny, Alfred, Joel, Edward A. G., Philip, Rebecca Yancey. Some accounts record a seventh child: Jechonias Yancey. It would seem though that at the death of Philip he had six children. By October 1813, the youngest child of Philip Yancey (Edward A.G. Yancey?) had died and the portion of the estate that had been set aside for him was redistributed in 5 parts for the five remainig children of Philip Yancey. Although there are reports to the contrary, it would appear that the husband of Penny (Penelope?) Yancey was John Graves.




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