DATED: 1760
PROVED: 1760

In the name of God, amen, I JECONIAS YANCEY of Halifax County in the province of [North Carolina] being sick and weak of body, but in perfect mind and memory and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament, First & principally I recommend my soul to the hands of God that gave me and my body to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my Executor here-after named. As for such worldly estate as it has pleased to bless me with I give & bequeath as follows.

First, my will is that all my just debts be discharged of the money that is now due to me and the remainder of the money that is charging my debts to be [laid unto?] purchasing young negroe at the discretion of my Ex.

Item - I give and bequeath to my loving wife HANNAH YANCEY all my stock of cattle, horses, mares, geldings hogs and sheep as also all my household furniture and also all of my negroes as follows, to wit, Sue, Phyllis, Frank, Lucy, Bibb, Edgecombe, Lymous, R , Ambrose, Plowman Ginney, with all my estate both real & personal except six hundred & forty acres of land lying upon Beaver Dam Swamp which my [blank] is to make and execute a lawful deed agreeable to the [courses?] mentioned in my will to MR(S?) THOMAS CRAWFORD during her natural life or widowhood and case my wife should marry to take an equal share with my children and after the death of my wife my estate to be equally divided between my children and in case any of my daughters should die before they come of age or is married my will is that all their part so dying may be equally divided between the survivors and in case my wife should marry any person and he should use my said children [Ill?] or in [anyway?] embezzle their estate then my will is that Court of said county take them under their care and appoint such guardians as to them shall think proper and if the said guardians appointed shall not be liable for any of the profits of their estates but expend the same in their education.As to them shall seem meet and that my said wife or any other [_____?] that may be appointed guardian to any of said children or shall not charge them with anything for their maintenance but deliver their negros with their increase as they shall be qualified to receive them. And I do by these [____?] nominate & appoint my [trusty?] and well beloved wife HANNAH YANCEY to be sole Executor to this my last will and Testament evoking and making void all former wills by me made, holding this only to be my Last Will & Testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twelfth day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty. Signed, sealed, executed, published and delivered as my Last Will & Testament in the presence of BEN HARDY JNR, JOHN JONES, RUBEN ROSS JUN.


Halifax - September Court 1760

This Last Will was in open court exhibited on oath by the executrix and found by the oaths of BENJ. HARDY & REUBEN ROSS two of the subscribing witnesses and HANNAH YANCEY the Executrix therein appointed in court and was qualified according to law. Ordered that the same be recorded.

List Jos. Montfort C Ct



NOTE FROM COMPILER-Dennis J. Yancey: Although the will of Jechonias Yancey does not mention his daughters by name - various deeds records of Halifax County document them by name: In the book "Deed Books of Halifax County North Carolina" By Bradley are various deed abtsracts which mention the children of Jechinias & Hannah Yancey - including the following abstract:

[1791] Francis Jones and his wife Frances of Halifax Co., James Alston and his wife Gilly of Orange Co., Sarah Yancey Yeargen daughter of Sarah Yeargen alias Sarah Yancey decd by her guardian John Saxon of Halifax Co., William Hurt and his wife Priscilla, John Dickins ad his wife Betty of Halifax Co. to Thomas Crawford of Halifax Co., (no date, no month 1787) 100 pounds Virginia. 1300 acres on Beaverdam swamp which Jechonias Yancey decd devised to his daughters: Frances, Gilly, Sarah, Priscilla, and Betty. . . .

Nov. Ct 1791 [Book 17 pg 49]