DATED: 1782

I, GABRIEL L. YANCEY, of the County of Todd and State of Kentucky, being of sound and disposing mind, do make, constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament and I do hereby annul and revoke any will or testament theretofore made.

Item 1 - It is my request that in the first instances all my just debts be paid.

Item 2 - I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter MARIA LOUISA YANCEY and her heirs forever a small girl named Mary who is daughter of Ellen.

Item 3 - I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter MARY LAYTON YANCEY and her heirs forever, two negro girls - Rebecca, who is a daughter of [____?] and Eliza Jane who is daughter of Elenor.

Item 4 - I do hereby bequeath to my daughter [(sic.)] wife - ELIZABETH H. YANCEY during her natural life the tract of land on which I now live together with all my household and kitchen furniture. At the decease of my wife, ELIZABETH H. YANCEY, I desire the land to be equally divided between my two daughters MARIAH LOUISA and MARY LAYTON YANCEY.

Item 5 - It is my wish that my mother, SUSAN YANCEY, should, during her natural lifetime, enjoy the use and benefit of all the property descending tome from my Father's estate by his last will and testament except a girl Mary.

Item 6 - It is my wish that all the residue of property and money (except a reservation hereafter named) not disposed of previously comprising slaves, stock and [____?] be equally divided into five parts by commissioners appointed by the County Court among my wife ELIZABETH H. YANCEY, and my children PRESTON L., ROBERT C., MARIA L. and MARY L. YANCEY and their heirs forever.

Item 7 - It is my wish that my wife ELIZABETH H. YANCEY have the privilege of making a choice in the division of property mentioned in last item all of which I will to her during her natural life.

Item 8 - It is my wish that all the slaves which in this division fall to my children may be hired out by [my] executor for their use and benefit until they [severally?] become of age or marry. At the transpiring of either [______?] namely their arriving at the age of twenty one years or their marrying, I desire that my Executor put into their possession the portion of my estate belonging to them.

Item 9 - It is my request that my executor reserve from the proceeds of my property an amount sufficient to educate my youngest daughter MARY L. YANCEY as far as her elder sister MARIA L. YANCEY.

Item 10 - I do hereby constitute and appoint JAMES O. GROVES my executor of this my last will and testament. [In?] testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this fifteenth of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty.


Signed in presence of:

A. G. H______



Commonwealth of Kentucky

Todd County Court Clerks office. March 8 1830.

I MILLIS L. REEVES, Clerk of said County Court, do certify that the foregoing last will and testament of GABRIEL L. YANCEY was at a County Court began and held for Todd County at the Courthouse in Elkton on Monday the 8th day of March 1830, produced in court by JAMES O. GROVES the executor therein named and proven by the oaths of JAMES F. SPILLMAN and JOHN F. BELL -subscribing witnesses it be the act and deed of said GABRIEL L. YANCEY, deceased, and ordered to be recorded in testimony whereof and that the same together with this certificate stands truly recorded in my said office. I have hereunto set my hand. March 8, 1830