DATED: 1890/97 PROVED: 1897 ====================================================================

I REASON P. YANCEY, of the County of Mecklenburg, State of Virginia being of normal and disposing mind and body do make this to be my last will and testament as follows.

1st I give, devise and bequeath to my son DANIEL E. YANCEY my tract of land known as the Home Place on which I now reside and bounded as follows: commencing at Big Blue Stone Creek where it adjoins [Gooches?] line, thence running to the old Lockett road or path, then down the said road or path to Dr. G. C. [Venables?] line to Orgains line and to the creek above named and up the said creek to the beginning. Said hath supposed to contain 131 acres more or less, with all the buildings and appurtenances thereto belonging.

2nd I give, devise and bequeath to BESSIE YANCEY, wife of my son ANDREW J. YANCEY and her children by my son A. J. YANCEY the [Stenbridge?] home place, starting at Goodes line down to Locketts road and running up to about Jacob's old shop place, there across to Jennie Clem Smith's line, thence by Hardy Olivers to John Stembridges line, thence along said Stembridge line and Goodes to the Lockett road and supposed to contain 125 acres more or less with all the buildings and appurtenances thereto belonging.

3rd I give, devise and bequeath to my son RICHARD H. YANCEY 60 or 70 acres more or less bounded as follows: starting at Locketts road above Jacobs old shop place, then to Jennie Smiths line, thence by Roysters line to Cox old line, thence down that line to a branch and then to Dr. G. C. Venables line until it gets to the fork of a branch and then turns to Venables gate (at a white oak) and then down to Bethel road and then to starting point. Also I give to my son Richard H. Yancey the [lower?] part of the Roberts tract, supposed to be about 40 acres adjoining the lands of Jim Smith, John Royster and the [Dysartes?] place. The gifts of land to my son RICHARD H. YAMNCEY are for the benefit of his wife [during] her life time and then to go to his daughter Melissa and not to be liable for the debts or liabilities of the said RICHARD H. YANCEY heretofore or hereafter contracted.

4th I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter MARY ELIZABETH GARNER and the heirs of her body 10 acres more or less upper part of Robert's tract and starting at my said line and then down to Wm Stembridge line from the old Bethel road. Also 102 acres of land recently bought of A. G. Jeffress agent for Dysart and known as the Dysart tract. Also to her 2 acres more or less a crop of the Bethel road with house . . . [section missing] . . .

. . . Yancey executor of this my will and ask that no security be required of him in any court where this will may be admitted to record. I decree that no appraisers be appointed by the court for my estate above dispersed of in my will.

This so of June 1890

R.P. YANCEY (Seal)

Signed, sealed and acknowledged by the testator in the presence of us all being present at the same time in the same room.

June 20 1890



A Codicil:

Before God and being of sound mind in the second day of January A. D. 1897 I declare that part of my last will and testament null and void which bequeaths to BESSIE YANCEY, wife of my son A. J. YANCEY and her heirs, that tract or parcel of land known as the Stembridge Place, upon which the said A. J. YANCEY now resides. This tract or parcel of and as previously described in my will and now bequeath to my son A. J. YANCEY in fee simple to hold and possess or dispose of. That part of my last will and testament which bequeaths to my daughter LIZZIE GARNER and her heirs, the land upon which she and her husband [_____?] GARNER now reside, being bounded by the lands of W. T. Stembridge, Wm. Loafman place [____?] Smith and others. I also declare null and void and do now leave said land in trust with my son R. H. YANCEY for the benefit of my daughter LIZZIE and her children during her life time and at her death to be shared equally among the heirs of her body.

[probated 1897 - Mecklenburg Co., VA]