Saxon Family Wills

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WILL BOOK #1, p. 191-192.
North Carolina
Halifax County   In the name of God Amen.  I Samuel Saxon of the province and county aforesaid being  in perfesct  good Health thanks be to almighty God for the same and Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this to be my Last Will and testament as follows that is to say first of all I give my soul to god that gave it me and my Body to the Earth to be
buried in a Decent Like and Christian Like manner at the Discretion of my executors and as for my worldly Estate that God has has been pleased to bestow upon me my will and Desire is that it may be Divided  in manner and form as follows  That is to say___ Item I give to my Beloved son Benjamin Saxon Six pounds to be paid after my Mary Saxon Desease___ Item I give to my beloved Daughter Bethiah N---s [MILLS] twenty five pounds to be paid after my wife Mary Saxonís Desease-____Item I give to my beloved son Charles Saxon one negro boy Named Lewis to him and his heirs and Assigns forever. Item I give to my Beloved son Samuel Saxon one Negro fellow that he has now in his possession Named Jack to him and his heirs and Assigns forever. Item I give to my Beloved Son John Saxon The Plantation whereon I now Live Containing one Hundred and fifty Acres of Land and three Hundred and forty six acres of Land ajoining the same Being Bought of Samuel Hardy and also two Negroes Harry and Jenny and her Increase to him and his Heirs and Assigns and if John Saxon should die before he is married or before the age of Twenty
Years old My Will is that his Estate should be Equal Devided Between all his Brothers and His sisters after his Motherís Decease. Item I Lend to my beloved wife Mary Saxon three Negroes Jack Lucy and Dinah and all the rest of My Estate Both Real and Personal after My just Debts are
paid and her bed to Dispose of as she thinks proper and My will and Desire is that after her Decease and leagases  Paid, that the remainder of my estate should be Equal Devided between my three and [sons?]  Benajah Saxon Samuel Saxon and John Saxon.  I likewise Revoke other wills and other Gifts to be Void and of Now Efect and Do make and Ordain this My will and Testament and Do approve My Wife Mary Saxon and Benajah Saxon My Whole and Sole Executors of this My Last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and fixd my Seal this seventh Day of February  in the year of Our Lord Christ one thousand seven Hundred and Sixty Six____________________
Signed sealed and Delivered
In the presence of_______
                                                                                    Saml.  Saxon
John Bradford
John Morris
Jesse Pope

Halifax County jv: July Court 1766 The aforegoing will was exhibited in Open
Court by the Exors. and Duly proved by the oath of John Morris a subscribing
Witness thereto  who On his oath Did say that he saw the Testator Samuel Saxon
Sign Publish and Declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament and that
he together with the other Witnesses subscribed Severally their Names as
Witnesses  [   ] in the Presence of the Testator and at his Request whereupon
the Exors. in the said will Named were Duly quallified According to Law there
upon the said will was ordered to be Recorded and is Recorded______________

Wake Co., NC, WB C, p. 408 - Will of Bethia [Saxon] Mills, w. 3 Apr 1792, rec. 27 Apr 1793: ?In the name of God amen. Son John Mills - Negroes Amy, China, and their increase. Son Hugh Mills - Negroes Lucy, Kizzy, and their increase. Granddaughter Nancy Saxon - Negro Selah and increase. Daughter Mary Bell - one dollar. Daughter Penelope Powers - one dollar. Daughter Tabitha O?Kelley - one dollar. Son-in-law Joshua Saxon - one dollar. Son-in-law John Whitaker - one dollar. Sons John and Hugh Mills - divide residue of estate. Exec: John Mills, Hugh Mills. Wit: Lemuel Cox Jepson (Jurat), Nancey Jepson (Jurat), Salley Marshall. [Wynne, Frances Holloway, Abstract of Record of Wills, Inventories, Settlements of Estates, 1771-1802, Wake County, North Carolina, 1985. (9151 Hermosa Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031). p. 86.]



WILL BOOK #1, p.20-21.


In the name of God Amen, the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord One

Thousand seven hundred and Sixty One I Archilaus Saxon of the County and

Garris of Halifax, being very sick and low but of a perfect mind and memory

thanks be to almighty God for it. I do make and ordain this my Last will and

Testament in name and form following First I Recommend my Soul to God that

Gave it me and then my Body to be Deacently Buried in a Christian like and

Deacant manner at the Descretion of my Executors and for what worldly estate

it hath pleased God to bestow on me after my Debts first paid and my funeral

charges Discharged I Dispose of the same in manner and form following to witt

Item I give to my Loving Brother Benjamin Saxon one negro boy named Ned aged

about six years to his proper use if in case that the sd. Benjamin Saxon shall

make proper Right and Title of the said piece of Land and Plantation that

Richd. Hopson Did Live on and the said Archelous Saxon Did purchase of

Benjamin Saxon It [ ] Desire that if the said Benjamin Saxon refuses to make

a Good Wright of the said Land upon the payment of 13 pounds 15 shillings

good Money by Charles Saxon to Benjamin Saxon my Will is that then the said

negro boy to be Charles Saxons to his proper use forever and also leave to my

brother Charles Saxon 13L..¬Ē15S good Money to Discharge the same to Benjamin

Saxon and if Benjamin Saxon is willing to make a good Wright of the Land to

Charles Saxon that then the Negro to remain [hisin] and the Land to be

Charles Saxons to him and his Assigns forever.

Item I give to my Loving [here the is a carrot mark, but nothing was inserted]

Bennajah Saxon One Piece of Land Lying on Bear Marsh and the North side of

Bever Dam Containing by Estimation one hundred and fifty Acres to him and his

Assigns for ever and also leave to my God Daughter Tempe Saxon the Daughter of

Bennajah Saxon and Sarah his wife one Negro boy named jacob now in possession

[missing]ather and my desire is that he shall be Delivered to my brother

[missing]h Saxon untill she arive to the age of fifteen then to be [missing]

the said Tempe Saxon to her Proper use forever and if she [missing]ried then

he shall be equally Divided amongst [missing] and Sisters.

Item [I] give to Brother Samuel Saxon one Negro Boy named [missing]n and his

Assigns and four cows and two Yearlings and I g[ive hi]m of any one of my

Suits of Clothes and I also leave to Charles Saxon all my other Wearing


And if there is any money left after my Debts is Paid my desire is that all my

Brothers and Sisters will Get them Rings made with the two letters of my name

in them and wear them forever I Lend to my brother Samuel Saxon my Horse

Bridle and Saddle untill Mary [ ] having Arived to the age of fifteen years

and then to be him or the Value of him in any other Horse as good as he was

when he had him and She Dies without being married then the Value of him to be

returned to Benjan. Saxon I give to John Brown the son of Richard Brown one

piece of Land Lying in Curritac in Beauford County Containing Estimation six

hundred Acres

I Acknowledge this to be my Last Will and Testament and appoint Benajah Saxon

and John Bradford my executors to this my Last Will and Testament in Witness

my Hand and Seal

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In presents of us

Archelus Saxon [seal]

Benjan. Merryman, John Brown Jnr., Saml. Saxon Jnr.


Halifax County

sct..................................................................M arch

Court 1761


This Will was Exhibited in open Court and Proved by the Oaths of Benj. Saxon & John Brown two of Subscribing Witnesses. And on Mo. Ordered to be Recorded. at the same time Benajah Saxon & John Bradford the Executors therein named appeared in Court and was duly Analyzed According to Law.


Test: J. Montfort