old guy

Some things to consider when you ponder the possibility
that some close family member or
family researcher you know was to pass away

(obviously there could be many aspects - - the focus here is from the perspective of their genealogical research – and not the mourning of their loss)

ONE CAVEAT – nothing herein should be construed to be “legal advice”.   In a specific case of your own – contact your own lawyer as needed)

How many of you know of a family researcher who amassed a large amount of research and activity  and then passed away and chaos ensued as to their records.  
Here are some tips that any person should follow - so that if anything  happened to them - their research would live on  in a way that would not create mass  chaos upon their death.

I'm sure I must have missed various things - so any feedback as to other items would be greatly appreciated.




And if you are someone that thinks you have many decades ahead of you
dont forget that "proverbial bus"  that everyone keeps warning us of - that we may get hit by.
Who knows . . .   tomorrow could be that day.