Criswell Line of Descent of David Palik


1) David Lee Palik, born 8 February 1936, San Bernardino, California, County Hospital (Depression Baby).

2) Mother...Mary Margaret Criswell, born Redlands, California (1917-1980), married 12 March 1935 to Theodore Joseph Palik (1913-1973)at San Bernardino, California.

3) Grandparents...John Lynch Criswell (1878-1959), married 16 October 1906, Crowell, Texas, Annie Love Walker (1882-1965).

4) Great Grandparents...Leander (Lee) Harvey Criswell (1848-1926), married 2 December 1872 to Emmariah (Emma) Adeline Neeley (1851-1922).

5) Great-Great Grandparents...John Yancy Criswell, Jr, (1824-1896), married 1847 at Moulton, Lavaca County, Texas, to Mary Rebecca O'Daniel (1831-1898).

6) Great-Great-Great Grandparents...John Yancy Criswell, Sr (1786-1839), married 1812-1813, Knox County, Kentucky, to Eleanor Vannoy (1795-1835). John Yancy Criswell, Sr, emigrated from Sullivan County, Tennesse to Knox County Kentucky about 1806. JYC, Sr. emigrated to the West Bank of the Colorado River, Matagorda County, Texas, from Knox County, Kentucky, in 1829, and after spending some time in Missouri, which he didn't like, arrived in Texas, November 1830 by crossing the Sabine River. In December of 1834 they moved to Fayette County, Texas, after living at Matagorda for the required three years (per the land grant terms of retaining ownership). In early 1835, they settled in Woods Prarie, Texas, near the Colorado River.

7) Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents...William Criswell (1761-?), suspected to have married 1/1783 Elizabeth(?) Yancey, or a daughter of John Yancey, owner-operator of John Yancey's Tavern(s). John Yancey (1734-1825) was born at Culpeper, Virginia, and died at Todd County, Kentucky. Elizabeth Yancey's mother was Mary Layton (1735-1764), first wife of John Yancey. John Yancey's second wife, was Susannah Coleman of the Coleman family known to have settled in Culpeper County, Virginia, and who emigrated with him from Culpeper County to Abingdon, Virginia in the 1780's.

8) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents...Henry Creswell (born before 8 November 1723 and killed 22 July 1776), married Rebecca R. (surname unknown) April 1756, mostly likely at York County, South Carolina. There is the possibility he married her in Abingdon, Virginia, before he fled the armed conflict in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, to live with (who is thought to have been his brother) Andrew Creswell of York County, South Carolina. Henry's birth date is estimated from his contracting for property ownership in Augusta County (Abingdon) on 8 November 1744. He would have had to have been 21 years of age or older on this November date.

9) Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents are not known. What is known is that there was a Henry Creswell, Sr, with an Alex Evans, that applied to the Land Office in Chester County, Pennsylvania, for 100 acres each one to the North of Nottingham, on 22 November 1724. Henry Creswell of 8) above is thought to have originated in Chester or Lancaster County,and quite possibly the Henry Creswell who settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1724 was his father. The 1724 date is quite close to the birth date of Henry Creswell of 8) above.

This Creswell family is thought to have emigrated from Ulster, Ireland, perhaps in the early 1720's. Beginning about 1715-1718 a mass migration to the colonies from Ulster (Northern Ireland) began. By 1730 there were 3000 families awaiting the availability of a ship destined for the colonies.

Regards...David L. Palik, Benicia, the San Francisco Bay Area, California.