Further Thoughts Concerning Origins of the Yancey Family

Do the Yanceys really descend from families of Welsh descent ??
Are they connected to the Nanney family of Wales ??
Is there truth to the story of 4 brothers coming in 1642 with Sir William Berkeley??

Main report concerning Origin of Family

Other sites include:

The Nanney Family
Coat of Arms among the Yancey Family
Early Yanceys in America
1704 Quit Rent Rolls
Shepard Letter
Lost records of early Yancey?  (burned record counties)?
Sir William Berkeley and the Crawford Family

Yancey Firsts

Land acquisiton records for early Yanceys of Virginia

Besides the above sites, the following points should be kept in mind
Notes by Dennis J Yancey: djyancey1965@gmail.com