Marriages of Persons of Color in early North Carolina

Prior to the Civil War, marriages of negro slaves were not recorded on court records – as they were not considered legally binding nor official. It was not till the end of the civil war that marriages of "colored people" began to be recorded. In compiling Yancey family records it is interesting to note the large number of Yancey marriages around the year 1866-67 of Yanceys who do not fit into the well documented branches of white "anglo" branches of the family. But this can be understood if it is realized that many of these were marriages of freed slaves.

Caswell Co., NC

Felix Yancey married Parthena Robertson 16 Nov1865

Nathan Yancey married Fannie Glass 26 January 1867

Ransom Yancey, son of Peter Yancey & Delphia, married Henrietta Foster 24 December 1867

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10/27/1897, Yancey, Nathaniel, Caswell Co, NC, 21 C to Johnston, Turpie, Caswell, 18,C: Brown, James (M), 10/27/1897, Yanceyville: Charlie Bigelow, SE Hill, Miss EW Henderson

3/28/1903, Yancey, Thos., Caswell, 22, C to Love, Ada, Caswell Co, 20, C: Warren, SP (M), 3/29/1903 Leasburg: John Pool, Helen YAncey, SP Warren

5/26/1871, Yancey, John to Mikes, Jane by Stainback, WH (JP), 6/3/1871, JP's house

12/27/1885, Yancey, Hiney, Caswell Co, 21, C to Brown Laura, Caswell Co, 20, C, by _____________on 12/27/1885 in Locust Hill: Weldon Yancey, Elder McWaltras

6/?/1887, Yancey, Zide, Pelhan Twp, 34, C to Hatchett, Tildy, Pelham Twp, 32, C by Gatewood, WH (JP) on 6/11/1887 in Pelham: Grun Yancey, Mary F Gatewood, Travis V Gatewood

12/31/1889, Yancey, Green, Caswell, 27, C to Walker, Deiphia, Caswell, 22, C by Brandon, HF (JP) on 12/31/1889 in Yanceyville: AL Johnson

12/28/1890, Yancey, Weldon, Danville, Va, 26, C to Lea, Henrietta, Caswell Co, 20, C by Johnson, AL (M) on 12/28/1890 in Locust Hill: Peter Yancey, Chestly Johnson, Jerry Mullen

5/26/1871, Yancey, John to Miles, Jane by Stainback, WH (JP) on 6/3/1871 at JP's house

12/6/1873, Yancey, Joseph to Nunnally, Delphia by Blackwell, JS (JP) on 12/7/1873 at Blackwell Home

2/19/1875, Yancey, William, Leasburg, 25, C to Pulliam, ellen, Leasburg, 21,C by Turner, Joseph (M) on 3/1/1875 in Leasburg

2/9/1878, Yancey, Henry, Caswell Co, 22, C to Dixon, Tamaih (?), Caswell Co, 22, C by Newman, AB (JP) on 2/10/1878 at Featherson's House

5/13/1879, Yancey, Lewis, Caswell Co, 30, C to Covington, Rebecca, Caswell, 28, C by covington, NR (JP) on 5/14/1879 in Prospect Hill

11/11/1907, Yancey, Will, Caswell Co, 33, C to Leathers, Frances, Caswell Co, 25, C by Enoch, JK (JP) on 11/11/1907 in anderson 

12/7/1907, Yancey, Charlie, Caswell Co, 25, C to Blackwell, Alice, Caswell Co, 22, C by Clark, RS (M) on 12/7/1907 in Stoney Creek

3/15/1909 Yancey, Tom, Caswell, Co, 21,C to Lea, Linnie, Caswell, Co, 20, C by Johnson, Wash (M) 0n 3/15/1909 in Dan River

12/26/1913, Yancey, Marshall, Pelham, NC, 26, C to Blackwell, Mabel, Pelham, 18, C by Williamson, CP (M) on 12/22/1913in Yanceyville

4/13/1911, Yancey, Willie, Caswell, Co, 22, C to Warren, Lillian, Caswell Co, 21, C by Herndon, JE (JP) on 4/17/1911 in Anderson

10/24/1919, Yancey, Albert, Pelham NC, 31, C to Weatherford, Bessie, Ruffin, NC, 22, C by Price, David (M) on 12/28/1919 in Locust Hill


Person Co., NC

Matisha Yancey and Iry Allen married 3rd March 1866


Granville Co., NC

Edmond Burton , colored, son of Henry Yancey & Mary Burton, & Rowena Thorp, daughter of Thos. Thorp, 31 Oct 1868, md 3 Nov 1868 by E. T. Lamberton, J. P.

Jordon Speed, of color, son of Thos. Jones & Lucy Jones & Nancy Yancey, daughter of Joe [Young?] & Vilet Lewis md 19 Dec 1867 by E. L. Parrish, J. P.

Meredith Wilkerson, Nancy Yancey md 30 December 1866 by E. L. Parrish J. P., Calvin Yancey was bondsman

Albert Yancey md Elizabeth Jones 29 December 1866

Henry Yancey md Rebecca Green 23 December 1868

Indiana Yancey md John Yancey (Young?) 8 June 1867

Warren Yancey married Hanah Jones Aug 1867

William Yancey married Martha A. Wimbush 26 Dec 1867

Isabella Yancey and William Overby

Fletcher Yancey - and Anaca Bond

Monroe Yancey and Cherry Yancey

Peter Yancy and Martha Walton