North Carolina
Bastardy Bonds

By Betty J Camin & Edwin A. Camin

Yanceys listed in this reference

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North Carolina Bastardy Bonds

County: Granville
Mother: Betsy Brills
Date: Apr 1785
Bondsman: Betsy Brills (sic)
Bondsman: William Yancey
(DJY: This would probably be either the son of Richard & Mary Yancey of Mecklenburg or the son of Thornton Yancey of Granville Co., NC)

County: Caswell
Susanna Turner
Date: Aug 1786
Bondsman: Thomas Yancey
Bondsman: Thomas Graves
(DJY: This is Thomas Yancey the son of Bartlett Yancey Sr of Caswell Co., NC - The child's name was Yancey Turner - I have contacted various descendants)

County: Caswell
Mother: Anne Pleasant
Date: Aug 1789
Bondsman: Edmond Browning
Bondsman: Solomon Park
Bondsman: David Yancey
(DJY: There are NO known David Yanceys living at this time anywhere in Virginia or North Carolina - this may be an error)

County: Caswell
Mother: Nancy Ballard
Date: Aug 1802/Oct 1802
Bondsman: James Yancey
(DJY: This would be James Yancey - the son of Bartlett Yancey Sr)

County: Burke
Mother: Mary Hoyle
Date: 4 Dec 1871
Bondsman: Peter Hudson
Bondsman: William Hudson
Bondsman: John Yancey
(DJY: Identity of this John Yancey uncertain)

County: Burke
Mother: Ruth Swink
Date: 5 Jun 1875
Bondsman: Eli York
Bondsman: John Yancey
(DJY: Identity of this John Yancey uncertain)

County: Caswell
Mother: Ella Yancy
Date: Feb 1874
Bondsman: Frank Johnson
Date Oct 1875
Bondsman: Isaac Kerr
Bondsman: Sam Graves
Bondsman: Wm. Johnson
(DJY: There is record of one Ella Yancey  on the 1870 census of Caswell County - born abt 1854 and working as a house servant.)

County: Granville
Mother: Levena Newton
Date: May 1874/Jun 1876
Bondsman: Andrew J Yancey
Bondsman: William Mulchi
Bondsman: G. W. Mulchi
(DJY: Andrew J Yancey was the son of Thomas & Margaret Yancey of Granville Co., NC)