native americans
The Yancey Family
and associations/connections/relations
with Native Americans.

Over the years as I have collected Yancey family history and genealogy
I have found no evidence that there was any significant Native American connections
among the early Yanceys  (such as intermariage - or close associations)'

In recent years you can ocassionally find reports that the Yancey name is a "Native American" name.
But this has only been in recent years and appears to be nothing more than a misconception that has propagated erroneously
from the statement that the name "Yancey" was native to America   (meaning that the name did not exist as such in the Old World)

Below are listed various known connections between Yanceys and Native Americans.

The story of Orlenia Yancey and "Indian Joe" (see page 5)

Yancey recorded on the "Dawes Rolls"

Yancey "Indian Fighters" and the Cynthia Parker recapture

Agnes Loraine Yancey

Charles Yancey and the Osage War

Horace Yancey and the Indian Pipe

Jeremiah Yancey among the Indians of Central Florida

Loucindy Bowen Yancey

William C. Yancey Thesis