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 New York, Feagles, Carrie Timlow, 1949, 95 pages
 including 80 plus records for the surname Nanny. 
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Nunney (England) 


AMERICANS who have traveled abroad and visited Nannau
Cleo Alward
Ernestine Yancey Donahue
Clarence R Yancey
William S. Yancy (2016)
Dalton H Yancey (2016)  




By Wade Nanney

While most people in this country do well if they know the names of a couple of their great-grandparents, we of the Nanney name have an unusual distinction: it is a name known among genealogists as one of the oldest traceable family lines in Britain. This is due to the unique name, and to the fact that we clearly identify as one of the families of the ancient Celtic Royalty, as I will show presently.

I have heard allusions that the lineage can be traced as far back as the King Arthur/Camelot episodes in the late 400's A.D., but I have seen nothing concerning the notion on paper. However, some years ago I did discover that the Catholic Priest who is generally considered to be the first British historian was a Welshman who went by the name of Nennius. The name is clearly a variation of ours, as indicated in British Family Names, with the Latin "us" tacked on. He produced a work in Latin in 796 A.D. about the history of the Bretons (The Brythonic). It included accounts of the twelve final battles of Arthur, which the later writers took and romanticized. The English have always poo-pooed Nennius' writings (He was a Welshman, after all!) and tried to make them out to be a bunch of bull and poppycock, but those with real and unbiased knowledge say that the Welsh and Germans preserved more of the true ancient history of Europe than any others.

While we Nanneys definitely have many of the characteristics of the Welsh, I have noted that we are not basically a music-making outfit, though we do love music. However, the main element ofthe Welsh are evidently the most musical bunch on earth, loads of the most successful singers and players in the English-speaking world -- and especially among the Nashville stars -- have Welsh names. Why are we different? It may be that we are of a different line from the key faction of the Welsh. The . . . dictionaries claim that our name linguistically is Frisian (Frieslander), not Welsh. The Frisian Islands are located in the North Sea out from Holland and Denmark. Many Frisians migrated into Britian, especially around the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasion, so our clan could possibly be of that origin anciently.

In 1066 the Norman French crossed the English Channel and conquered Britain. Their influence dominated for a short time in Wales, but as it faded there emerged a small kingdom in north central Wales called Powys. It was this kingdom that our family ruled. The rulers of such kingdoms were indeed kings, but were known as "princes" and "lords". One of the rulers sometime during the 1100's was named Bleddyn (pronounced Blethin). One of his sons - probably a younger one without inheritance - was referred to as "Cadwgan ap Bledyn, Prince of Powys". Cadwgan struck out into the wild mountains near the coast northwest of Powys and founded his own estate near the present-day town of Dolgellau. He named the estate Nannau. The structure he built was often called the "stateliest house in all north Wales".

(Cadwgan is pronounces "kah-DOO-gan" and the "au" on the end of names apparently varies according to different accents - maybe something like a long, drawled "O' or "I").

In 1536 the English finally, after trying for over a thousand years, succeeded in taking us over. They had nightmares trying to keep their tax books straight because the Welsh had no family names. We would identify ourselves as being the son of so-and-so, who was the son of so-and-so, who was . . . etc. In other words, I would identify myself as Wade ap Reginald ap Perminter ap Amous ap Thomas ap Shadrach. So in the 1600's the English required us to have family names. We took the name of the estate. Somehow, the -au ending and the -ey became interchangeable, so we now bear the name "Nanney".

The estate which Cadwgan founded still exists, with the name Nannau persisting on it. It contains Nannau Hall, a beautiful stone manor house which is considered one of the historic houses of Wales. The present house, whose construction began in 1788, is the fifth one which has existed on the site since the 1100's. It replaced the one built by Colonel Hugh Nanney in 1697. (The third one was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell's Army.)

But Nannau Hall has fallen on hard times lately. Until recently it was owned by relatives of the name Vaughn, but the economic and tax situation being what it is in present-day Britain, they had to let it go. Don Nanney, a lawyer in California, tried to buy it with the intention of turning it over to Wales as a National Park, but somehow it wasn't permissible to sell to an American. Thus, it went to a development corporation, which converted it into condominiums and a restaurant.

The Nanney name shifted to this side of the Atlantic when Robert Nanney, age 22, sailed from London on the ship Increase and landed in Boston in April, 1635. He was in a group of four apprentices sponsored by a goldsmith in London. He married a daughter of the famous preacher, John Wheelwright. Wheelwright was the brother-in-law of the noted religious teacher, Anne Hutchinson. They were the key element of the early, formative Baptist movement in Massachusetts - and got run out by the Puritans for their efforts. Robert Nanney became a wealthy shipping merchant, allied with a Hutchinson in London who may have been his uncle, and his holdings included an estate in Barbados.

I don't know yet if we are descended from Robert, or from other Nanneys (perhaps his brothers) who came to Virginia about 1642**. The historians among us will soon have the pieces of the puzzle complete. But the vaguest period from the Middle Ages till now is the colonial era in America. However, the family had become established in eastern Virginia in the 1700's . Shadrack Nanney came from Brunswick County, Virginia, in 1798 and settled at what is now Union Mills, North Carolina. He became the progenitor of the family in this area.

Wade Nanney  July, 1986

**Note:  DJY:  Evidence now at hand seems to pretty much prove that Robert Nanney never had any grandchldren that grew to adulthood.  The Nanneys of Brunswick County, Virginia - would NOT have been his descendants
click here for more details.

Branches of the Nanney Family in Wales

                    Hugh Nanney
                    Lewis Nanney
                    Evan Nanney
                    John Nanney
                    Griffin Nanney

Members of the Welsh Nanney Family who came to America

1635 - Robert Nanney
came to America on the ship "Increase" in 1635 - most researchers record him as the son of one Robert Nanney - a grocer of London, England who traces his lineage back to Wales.  He settled first at in Dover, New Hampshire and later in Boston and had various children.  Some descendants of John Nanney of Brunswick County, VA claim descent from him - recording their John as a grandson via Samuel Nanney - but it seems this may be in error.
Other than that - Robert  apparently did not have any descendants beyond his children that carried the Nanney name  [more details]   [Indenture]  [will record]     <click here for important information concerning the claims as to descendants of Robert Nanney>       [information about his wife]

1689 - Hugh Nanney
- recorded as being among 131 persons imported by Edmund Jennings near James River area - but other records seem to indicate he was already in Virginia in York County in 1687. Later his name shows up in other York County records and in Henrico county in 1701.  Exact linkage to Nanneys of Wales not known.  No known descendants or family. [more details]

about 1700's - Rhys or Rees Nanna or Nanney
- came to Pennsylvania about the year 1700.  His exact lineage has not been documented. These Nanneys were Quakers.  [more details]  [more details]  [more details]  [possible origin] [probate record]  [a William Nanna that is possibly connected]    [a Rees Nannah possibly conected]   [another Rees Nanna]   [yet another Rees Nanna]    [another Rees]   [Coulston Family info]  From the Era Magazine

early 1700's - William Nanney  - thought to either be an immigrant himself or child/grandchild of immigrant. Settled in New York - William has various descendants up to the present day  - among them some who use the name ANWAY.  His exact lineage into the Welsh Nanneys has not yet been documented.   [more details]  various descendants report descent from an immigrant John Nanney of the 1600's. .

about 1700? - John Nanney of Brunswick County Virginia. For many years researchers showed him as a grandson of Robert Nanney of Massachusetts (above) but this seems a likely error. Other researchers record him him directly coming from Wales  but details are sparse.  His descendants probably comprise the larger portion of Nanneys in America relative to any other branch.   [ will ]  [descendants]   <click here for important information concerning the claims as to Johns ancestry>
[ Will of John Nanney Sr] [Deed which shows wife's name of John Nanney Sr] [Will of John Nanney Jr. page 1, page 2 ] [Will which mentions wife of John Nanney Jr]

about 1700? - William Nanna
- Talbot County Maryland.  His will is recorded in that County in 1703 - whether he is a relative of some of these other Nanneys is unclear and when he came to America has not been determined. [will ]  [more details]

1731 - Martin Nanny (Nunny)
- came to Virginia as a "transported convict" to Virginia apparently form England [ more details ]  Once thought to be a Nanny - research would seem to indicate that the name here is not Nanny - but Nunny - and thus no connection.

1840 - Henry Frederick William Nanne - aka Don Guillermo Nanne - came to Chile, South America some time about 1840 from Germany  - and later went to California in 1849 and later ended up in Central America - establishing the railroads there.  His obituary alludes to information, that if true, would seem to indicate he was a descendant of the Nanneys of Wales. [Obituary]  He has numerous descendants throughout Central America.

~1850 - Frederic, Mary & Henry Nanne  - found listed on the 1850 census of New Orleans, Louisiana - recorded as being born in England

1911 - William Rees Nanney - came to New York form Wales in 1911.  Died in the great flu epidemic of 1919.  


Nanney Family Portraits and Photos

Gruffudd Nanney (1611-1655)

  Gruffudd Nanney of Nannau 1611-1655 - A portrait of Gruffudd Nanney, half length, head to the right, wearing a brown cloak with embroidered cross belt, white collar and grey hat, clasping a sword with his left hand, an inkwell and open ledger together with another book displaying an unusual Masonic or Merchants mark, by his side, oil on oak panel, indistinctly inscribed / signed, dated 1644, 26.375 in x 21.75 in, contained in gilt gesso moulded frame. Gruffudd Nanney of Nannau, esquire, 15th Lord of Nannau,was High Sheriff for Co. Merioneth 1640 -1642. He married Anne, daughter and heiress of Lewis Gwyn of Dolaugwyn, Towyn, Co. Merioneth, esquire, by Jane the daughter of Hugh Nanney of Nannau. He was the grandfather of Colonel Hugh Nanney, and great grandfather of the Nanney Twins, Catherine and Janet. It was on Janet's marriage to Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt, that Nannau passed from the Nanneys to the Vaughans. The portrait of Gruffudd Nanney, although noted in the Nannau, Schedule of Contents 1958, only returned to Nannau during that year, on the death of Edith Nesta Mason O.B.E. ( 1880 - 1957 ), nee Vaughan, being part of her Trust, on her marriage to John Mason in 1914. The consequence of which, is that it was not seen by John Steegman on his visit to Nannau in the early 1950's, when compiling his survey of Portraits In Welsh Houses, published by The National Museum Of Wales in 1957, so has never been officially recorded. Steegman, in his footnote to the collection of Portraits at Nannau, Page 234, notes; The Report on Mostyn MSS ( MS. 165 ) states that a portrait of Gruffudd Nannau ap Hugh Nannau is at Nannau, painted 1632 when he was aged 44; the same report also makes the conflicting statement that a portrait of Gruffudd Nannau is at Nannau, painted 1632 when he was aged 22. At the date of this present Survey no portrait was seen at Nannau which can be related with either of these statements. As the painting is dated 1644, when in fact Gryffudd Nanney would have been about 32 years of age, the Report on Mostyn MSS (MS.165) would appear to be inaccurate on both accounts. Nannau, Schedule of contents no.2 Gruffdd Nannau or Nanney 1611 - 1655. High Sheriff 1642 Married Anne Gwyn of Dolaugwyn (died 1688)



Hugh Nanney of Wales


Catherine Vaughan (née Nanney) (1692-1768)

Catherine Vaughn Nanney

Her Lineage



Catherine and Janet Nanney were the twin daughters of Colonel Hugh Nanney (1669-1701), 17th Lord of Nannau and his wife Catherine of Cors-y-gedol (d.1733). Hugh Nanney was MP for Merioneth (1695-1701), High Sheriff, Vice-Admiral of North Wales, three times Knight of the Shire and Colonel of a Regiment of Militia, which he had raised himself. Janet, the heiress to the Nannau estates married Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt in 1719 by whom she had seven children. Catherine married William Vaughan (b.1707) in 1732 by whom she had one daughter, Anne. This was the last of a series of marriages between the Nanneys and Vaughans, the two most influential families in Meirioneth. A portrait by James Fellowes dated 1751 that is thought to depict Catherine is in the National Museum Wales.



The White Ox of Nannau


56 The White Ox of Nannau DANIEL CLOWES 1774 - 1829 - The Famous Nanney Ox, the last of the white herd of Nannau, slaughtered for the coming of age celebrations of the Vaughan heir, Robert Williames Vaughan, signed and dated, D.Clowes Pinxt 1824, inscribed, The Baron weighing 165 lb was roasted at Nannau June 25th 1824, and weight per quarter 246 lbs, 23.375 in x 33.625 in, re-lined, contained within the original ebonized moulded frame with gilt slip. The high point of the meal was the introduction of the ' baron of beef ' which was brought into the tented room by a small procession led by the old herdsman Sian Dafydd who had fed The White Ox over the proceeding months. Sian Dafydd, who's portrait is also preserved for posterity in the picture, then greeted the assembled company with the customary Welsh greeting ' Gwnewch yu llawen ' ( Make Merry ). The preparations for the feast had been going on for some weeks. A new kitchen wing had been added to the recently built mansion for the occasion, and to accommodate the large number of guests, of which 197 sat down for the dinner, a long marquee was erected in front of the main house, a feature which can be seen in the picture. Sir Robert,' Yr Hen Syr Robert ' ( Old Sir Robert ) arranged for prints of the painting to be produced, and copies of these were probably presented to the guests. The lithograph was made by Charles Hullmandel ( 1789 - 1850 ) of London, the author of a well known treatise The Art of Drawing on Stone, who produced a faithful reproduction of the original picture. The Clowes' picture is a remarkable tour de force, and a fitting monument to such a noble beast. Gordon Edington, The Clowes Family of Chester Sporting Artists - A Visit to Nannau, Pages 12-13, Grosvenor Museum, Chester, 1985. Exibited, Grosvenor Museum, Chester,1985,No. 21.Catalogue Raisonne D 25. The world of Sporting Art and The Grosvenor Museum have much for which to thank Mr Gordon Edington. It is only through his dedicated research that we have the first comprehensive study.......... ................and only by virtue of his perseverance that the exhibition was made possible. J.N.P.Watson; Animal Portraits By Father And Son - Daniel and Henry Clowes at Chester. Country Life, May 2nd, 1985. Nannau, Schedule of Contents 1958, No. 48.


Nannau Hall