Nanney Family Information
compiled by Jack W. Nanney (deceased)

This page was originally set up at the following site

It was the work of Jack W Nanney II  (1972-2007)
It contained much information from his grandfather (Jack W Nanney I) as well as information gathered from various other sources and researchers.

The Intent is to keep these pages pretty much as Jack left them and in memory of both Jack W. Nanney I & II and their love for  the family.

A site for additional and ongoing  research information on the Nanney family is available on the link below:

Nanney Family Archives

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The 26 Pages That Started It All In 1999  (Jack W. Nanney II)

Nanney Arms

1851 Bangor

Bangor Cathedral

Trees - Charts - Papers

St Macreth's Church

Coed y Brenin

David Brown :)

Dinas Bran

Nanney Documents

Nanney Island - Dover

Nanny Farm - Bonham, TX

Nannau Floorplans


Hugn Nannau Hen

Jane Nanney

Nanney Scroll

LF - Memorial

LN - Memorial



Nannau Maps


News Page 2


Owain Glyndwr

Nannau Inventory

PGD - Memorial

PGL - Memorial

Nanny Pictures

PSD - Memorial

PSL - Memorial

RN - Memorial

St. Mary's Church


Nanny Tombstones



Nanney Wallet



Additional Nanney Files found on the nannau web site

Postings by Jack W Nanny at GENFORUM